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Model framework for Node.js + CoffeeScript + MongoDB
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Experiment to write a Mongo driver in CoffeeScript on Node.

Possible further experiments for the intrepid

  • connection pooling (rudimentary support already built)
  • full async support on all blocking operations
  • full support for the Mongo query api
  • support for all Mongo data types
  • models as CoffeeScript classes and/or Javascript objects
  • automatic references between collections (joining)
  • custom object id factories (done)


# CoffeeScript
db = new mongo.Database 'test'
db.insert 'Country', { name: 'Iceland', population: 316252 }, (error, document) ->
  db.remove 'Country', { _id: document._id }, (error) ->

# Javascript
db = new mongo.Database('test');
db.insert('Country', { name: 'Iceland', population: 316252 }, function (error, document) {
  db.remove('Country', { _id: document._id }, function (error) {

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