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Set of Lightview and fully customizable React Components optimized for TailwindCss

Nature UI provides a set of accessible, reusable, extensible and composable React components that make it super easy to create websites and apps with tailwindcss.

Looking for the documentation? 📝

Latest version (v1) =>

Features 🚀

  • Ease of Styling: Nature UI contains a set of layout components like Box and Stack that make it easy to style your components with tailwindcss and emotion css prop.
  • Flexible & composable: Nature UI components are built on top of a React UI Primitive for endless composability.
  • Accessible. Nature UI components follow the WAI-ARIA guidelines specifications and have the right aria-* attributes.

Installing Nature UI

To use Nature UI components, all you need to do is install the @nature-ui/core package and its peer dependencies:

Make Sure you have tailwindcss setup in your project

$ yarn add @nature-ui/core

# or

$ npm install @nature-ui/core


import { Button } from '@nature-ui/core';

function Example() {
  return <Button>You're awesome</Button>;

CodeSandbox Templates


Feel like contributing? That's awesome! We have a contributing guide to help guide you.


Thanks goes to these wonderful people (emoji key):

Divine Hycenth

💻 🖋 🎨 📖 🚧 📢

This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!


MIT © Divine Hycenth