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Example of incorporation citations~\cite{coral:nsdi04}.
+Currently BiscuitSpy only sniffs http packets from the user's own computer. In the future it would be important to extend BiscuitSpy to also be able to capture packets from other computers in the open wireless network. This would allow the profiling of multiple users at the same time to see how accurate BiscuitSpy can associate individual cookies with the correct user.
+In addition BiscuitSpy should include the remaining Google cookies. In the present implementation BiscuitSpy heavily utilizes analytics cookies combined with preference, security and ad tracking cookies. However session state cookies as documented in section ~\ref{sec:background} also contain sensitive user browsing information. After identifying specific session state cookies and the meanings of the individual cookie fields, BiscuitSpy should include those cookie definitions .
+A last area of future work is the GUI of BiscuitSpy. Currently BiscuitSpy has a console interface and supports writing output to the screen and to a file for further analysis. For easier usage and a better overview of the user profile a GUI should be added to it.
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