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-Example of incorporation citations~\cite{coral:nsdi04}.
+HTTP cookies were originally introduced as a mechanism to make websites stateful \cite{httpcookies}.
+Websites use these small pieces of data to keep track of a user's browsing activity, such as whether she is logged in, or which items she has added to her shopping cart, and they store these cookies on the client-side in the user's web browser \cite{httpcookies}.
+When the user loads the website, the browser will send the appropriate stored cookies back to the web server to return to the last recorded state.
+However, HTTP cookies are not only being used to improve the user online experience.
+Because cookies allow websites to remember a given user's browsing activity or preferences on that site, online advertising companies have found a way to leverage HTTP cookies and take advantage of the vast amounts of available user information online.
+At the same time, website publishers themselves now often employ \emph{analytics cookies}, special HTTP cookies used collect statistics about their users and the usage of their website.
+In addition to the cookies required for the functionality of a website, advertising companies include \emph{tracking cookies} and website publishers add analytics cookies when a user visits this site.
+Such cookies have been raising concerns about users' privacy online since they were first observed \textbf{(citation needed)} because companies can compile a vast browsing history for users and learn about their personal preferences and habits \cite{dntbill}.
+Moreover, researchers have found that cookies may
@@ -1,18 +1,15 @@
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+ author = {{Microsoft Developer Network}},
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+ year = {Retrieved Jan. 2014},
+ howpublished = {\url{\%28v=vs.85\%29.aspx}},
-@inproceedings{ coral:nsdi04,
- title = "Democratizing content publication with {Coral}",
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+ author = {Lee, Edmund},
+ title = {{Sen. Rockefeller: Get Ready for a Real Do-Not-Track Bill for Online Advertising}},
+ booktitle = {{AdAge}},
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+ howpublished = {\url{}},

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