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HG Extended Filters
by Nat Williams
This is just a few nice filters for making writing mercurial templates or
style files less painful.
The trailingspace filter returns the item with the addition of a trailing
space, but only if the item is not empty. This is useful for items like
{tags} that aren't necessarily meaningful for every changeset.
parens, squarebrackets, anglebrackets
These three filters return the item surrounded in their namesake bracket.
Like trailingspace, they all return an empty string if the item itself
is also empty.
Rather than have to manually put horrible color codes into your templates,
just use these filters to colorize items.
Recognized color names are:
black, red, green, brown, blue, purple, cyan, light_gray, dark_gray,
light_red, light_green, yellow, light_blue, light_purple, light_cyan,
white, and reset.
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