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Airovic is a tool that helps you automatizing tasks & crawling-scraping projects. It works inside the browser.

Inside the Code Editor: Function's body

Editor shows the body of the callback function that will be called after a page is fully loaded. This data has an argument, "data", it's an object containing the following:

  • iframe.$body [jQuery object] ($body.find('h1'), $body.find('title'), $body.find('#main_content'))
  • iframe.url [String]
  • iframe.window [window object] (You have access to all JS variables)
  • iframe.console [array] (console output)
  • iframe.links [array] (all links inside the page)

Saving Scraped Data: RESULTS (set/get) object

To store what you scrape, you can use DATA object.

  • RESULTS.push('key',value); value will be pushed to the array name 'key'.

  • RESULTS.get('key'); If key exists it will be retrieved and returned.

Results are shown as JSON in Download tab.

Complete Examples

Get all Links


Get all Img src's



Start by inspecting an URL. You can navigate through the website while you are inside the iframe.

Find the URL that has the data you want to scrape.

Build the callback function, and test it.

Start Robot, set settings and hit the button. Callback function will be triggered after each url is visited.


Airovic is (c) Copyright 2019-2020 Beto López Ayesa

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