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Program: Visualization Toolkit
Module: vtkColorTransferFunction.h
Copyright (c) Ken Martin, Will Schroeder, Bill Lorensen
All rights reserved.
See Copyright.txt or for details.
This software is distributed WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even
PURPOSE. See the above copyright notice for more information.
// .NAME vtkColorTransferFunction - Defines a transfer function for mapping a property to an RGB color value.
// .SECTION Description
// vtkColorTransferFunction is a color mapping in RGB or HSV space that
// uses piecewise hermite functions to allow interpolation that can be
// piecewise constant, piecewise linear, or somewhere in-between
// (a modified piecewise hermite function that squishes the function
// according to a sharpness parameter). The function also allows for
// the specification of the midpoint (the place where the function
// reaches the average of the two bounding nodes) as a normalize distance
// between nodes.
// See the description of class vtkPiecewiseFunction for an explanation of
// midpoint and sharpness.
// .SECTION see also
// vtkPiecewiseFunction
#ifndef __vtkColorTransferFunction_h
#define __vtkColorTransferFunction_h
#include "vtkScalarsToColors.h"
class vtkColorTransferFunctionInternals;
#define VTK_CTF_RGB 0
#define VTK_CTF_HSV 1
#define VTK_CTF_LAB 2
#define VTK_CTF_LINEAR 0
#define VTK_CTF_LOG10 1
class VTK_FILTERING_EXPORT vtkColorTransferFunction : public vtkScalarsToColors
static vtkColorTransferFunction *New();
void DeepCopy( vtkColorTransferFunction *f );
void ShallowCopy( vtkColorTransferFunction *f );
// Description:
// Print method for vtkColorTransferFunction
void PrintSelf(ostream& os, vtkIndent indent);
// Description:
// How many points are there defining this function?
int GetSize();
// Description:
// Add/Remove a point to/from the function defined in RGB or HSV
// Return the index of the point (0 based), or -1 on error.
// See the description of class vtkPiecewiseFunction for an explanation of
// midpoint and sharpness.
int AddRGBPoint( double x, double r, double g, double b );
int AddRGBPoint( double x, double r, double g, double b,
double midpoint, double sharpness );
int AddHSVPoint( double x, double h, double s, double v );
int AddHSVPoint( double x, double h, double s, double v,
double midpoint, double sharpness );
int RemovePoint( double x );
// Description:
// Add two points to the function and remove all the points
// between them
void AddRGBSegment( double x1, double r1, double g1, double b1,
double x2, double r2, double g2, double b2 );
void AddHSVSegment( double x1, double h1, double s1, double v1,
double x2, double h2, double s2, double v2 );
// Description:
// Remove all points
void RemoveAllPoints();
// Description:
// Returns an RGB color for the specified scalar value
double *GetColor(double x) {
return vtkScalarsToColors::GetColor(x); }
void GetColor(double x, double rgb[3]);
// Description:
// Get the color components individually.
double GetRedValue( double x );
double GetGreenValue( double x );
double GetBlueValue( double x );
// Description:
// For the node specified by index, set/get the
// location (X), R, G, and B values, midpoint, and
// sharpness values at the node.
int GetNodeValue( int index, double val[6] );
int SetNodeValue( int index, double val[6] );
// Description:
// Map one value through the lookup table.
virtual unsigned char *MapValue(double v);
// Description:
// Returns min and max position of all function points.
vtkGetVector2Macro( Range, double );
// Description:
// Remove all points out of the new range, and make sure there is a point
// at each end of that range.
// Return 1 on success, 0 otherwise.
int AdjustRange(double range[2]);
// Description:
// Fills in a table of n function values between x1 and x2
void GetTable( double x1, double x2, int n, double* table );
void GetTable( double x1, double x2, int n, float* table );
const unsigned char *GetTable( double x1, double x2, int n);
// Description:
// Construct a color transfer function from a table. Function range is
// is set to [x1, x2], each function size is set to size, and function
// points are regularly spaced between x1 and x2. Parameter "table" is
// assumed to be a block of memory of size [3*size]
void BuildFunctionFromTable( double x1, double x2, int size, double *table);
// Description:
// Sets and gets the clamping value for this transfer function.
vtkSetClampMacro( Clamping, int, 0, 1 );
vtkGetMacro( Clamping, int );
vtkBooleanMacro( Clamping, int );
// Description:
// Set/Get the color space used for interpolation: RGB, HSV, CIELAB, or
// Diverging. In HSV mode, if HSVWrap is on, it will take the shortest path
// in Hue (going back through 0 if that is the shortest way around the hue
// circle) whereas if HSVWrap is off it will not go through 0 (in order the
// match the current functionality of vtkLookupTable). Diverging is a special
// mode where colors will pass through white when interpolating between two
// saturated colors.
vtkSetClampMacro( ColorSpace, int, VTK_CTF_RGB, VTK_CTF_DIVERGING );
void SetColorSpaceToRGB(){this->SetColorSpace(VTK_CTF_RGB);};
void SetColorSpaceToHSV(){this->SetColorSpace(VTK_CTF_HSV);};
void SetColorSpaceToLab(){this->SetColorSpace(VTK_CTF_LAB);};
void SetColorSpaceToDiverging(){this->SetColorSpace(VTK_CTF_DIVERGING);}
vtkGetMacro( ColorSpace, int );
vtkSetMacro(HSVWrap, int);
vtkGetMacro(HSVWrap, int);
vtkBooleanMacro(HSVWrap, int);
// Description:
// Set the type of scale to use, linear or logarithmic. The default
// is linear. If the scale is logarithmic, and the range contains
// zero, the color mapping will be linear.
void SetScaleToLinear() { this->SetScale(VTK_CTF_LINEAR); };
void SetScaleToLog10() { this->SetScale(VTK_CTF_LOG10); };
// Description:
// Returns a list of all nodes
// Fills from a pointer to data stored in a similar list of nodes.
double *GetDataPointer();
void FillFromDataPointer(int, double*);
// Description:
// map a set of scalars through the lookup table
virtual void MapScalarsThroughTable2(void *input, unsigned char *output,
int inputDataType, int numberOfValues,
int inputIncrement, int outputIncrement);
// Description:
// Toggle whether to allow duplicate scalar values in the color transfer
// function (off by default).
vtkSetMacro(AllowDuplicateScalars, int);
vtkGetMacro(AllowDuplicateScalars, int);
vtkBooleanMacro(AllowDuplicateScalars, int);
vtkColorTransferFunctionInternals *Internal;
// Determines the function value outside of defined points
// Zero = always return 0.0 outside of defined points
// One = clamp to the lowest value below defined points and
// highest value above defined points
int Clamping;
// The color space in which interpolation is performed
int ColorSpace;
// Specify if HSW is warp or not
int HSVWrap;
// The color interpolation scale (linear or logarithmic).
int Scale;
double *Function;
// The min and max node locations
double Range[2];
// An evaluated color (0 to 255 RGBA A=255)
unsigned char UnsignedCharRGBAValue[4];
int AllowDuplicateScalars;
vtkTimeStamp BuildTime;
unsigned char *Table;
int TableSize;
// Description:
// Set the range of scalars being mapped. The set has no functionality
// in this subclass of vtkScalarsToColors.
virtual void SetRange(double, double) {};
void SetRange(double rng[2]) {this->SetRange(rng[0],rng[1]);};
// Internal method to sort the vector and update the
// Range whenever a node is added or removed
void SortAndUpdateRange();
// Description:
// Moves point from oldX to newX. It removed the point from oldX. If any point
// existed at newX, it will also be removed.
void MovePoint(double oldX, double newX);
vtkColorTransferFunction(const vtkColorTransferFunction&); // Not implemented.
void operator=(const vtkColorTransferFunction&); // Not implemented.