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Program: Visualization Toolkit
Module: vtkPointSetToPointSetFilter.h
Copyright (c) Ken Martin, Will Schroeder, Bill Lorensen
All rights reserved.
See Copyright.txt or for details.
This software is distributed WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even
PURPOSE. See the above copyright notice for more information.
// .NAME vtkPointSetToPointSetFilter - abstract filter class
// .SECTION Description
// vtkPointSetToPointSetFilter is an abstract filter class whose subclasses
// take as input a point set and generates a point set on output. At a
// minimum, the concrete subclasses of vtkPointSetToPointSetFilter modify
// their point coordinates. They never modify their topological form,
// however.
// This is an abstract filter type. What that means is that the output of the
// filter is an abstract type (i.e., vtkPointSet), no matter what the input
// of the filter is. This can cause problems connecting together filters due
// to the change in dataset type. (For example, in a series of filters
// processing vtkPolyData, when a vtkPointSetToPointSetFilter or subclass is
// introduced into the pipeline, if the filter downstream of it takes
// vtkPolyData as input, the pipeline connection cannot be made.) To get
// around this problem, use one of the convenience methods to return a
// concrete type (e.g., vtkGetPolyDataOutput(), GetStructuredGridOutput(),
// etc.).
// .SECTION See Also
// vtkTransformFilter vtkWarpScalar vtkWarpTo vtkWarpVector
#ifndef __vtkPointSetToPointSetFilter_h
#define __vtkPointSetToPointSetFilter_h
#include "vtkPointSetSource.h"
class vtkPolyData;
class vtkStructuredGrid;
class vtkUnstructuredGrid;
class VTK_FILTERING_EXPORT vtkPointSetToPointSetFilter : public vtkPointSetSource
void PrintSelf(ostream& os, vtkIndent indent);
// Description:
// Specify the input data or filter.
void SetInput(vtkPointSet *input);
// Description:
// Get the input data or filter.
vtkPointSet *GetInput();
// Description:
// Get the output of this filter. If output is NULL, then input hasn't been
// set, which is necessary for abstract filter objects.
vtkPointSet *GetOutput();
vtkPointSet *GetOutput(int idx)
return this->vtkPointSetSource::GetOutput(idx);
// Description:
// Get the output as vtkPolyData. Performs run-time checking.
vtkPolyData *GetPolyDataOutput();
// Description:
// Get the output as vtkStructuredGrid. Performs run-time checking.
vtkStructuredGrid *GetStructuredGridOutput();
// Description:
// Get the output as vtkUnstructuredGrid. Performs run-time checking.
vtkUnstructuredGrid *GetUnstructuredGridOutput();
// Description:
// By default copy the output update extent to the input
virtual void ComputeInputUpdateExtents( vtkDataObject *output );
vtkPointSetToPointSetFilter(const vtkPointSetToPointSetFilter&); // Not implemented.
void operator=(const vtkPointSetToPointSetFilter&); // Not implemented.