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Program: Visualization Toolkit
Module: vtkAxisActor.h
Language: C++
Date: $Date$
Version: $Revision$
Thanks: Kathleen Bonnell, B Division, Lawrence Livermore Nat'l Laboratory
Copyright (c) 1993-2000 Ken Martin, Will Schroeder, Bill Lorensen
All rights reserved.
This software is distributed WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even
PURPOSE. See the above copyright notice for more information.
// .NAME vtkAxisActor - Create an axis with tick marks and labels
// .SECTION Description
// vtkAxisActor creates an axis with tick marks, labels, and/or a title,
// depending on the particular instance variable settings. It is assumed that
// the axes is part of a bounding box and is orthoganal to one of the
// coordinate axes. To use this class, you typically specify two points
// defining the start and end points of the line (xyz definition using
// vtkCoordinate class), the axis type (X, Y or Z), the axis location in
// relation to the bounding box, the bounding box, the number of labels, and
// the data range (min,max). You can also control what parts of the axis are
// visible including the line, the tick marks, the labels, and the title. It
// is also possible to control gridlines, and specifiy on which 'side' the
// tickmarks are drawn (again with respect to the underlying assumed
// bounding box). You can also specify the label format (a printf style format).
// This class decides how to locate the labels, and how to create reasonable
// tick marks and labels.
// Labels follow the camera so as to be legible from any viewpoint.
// The instance variables Point1 and Point2 are instances of vtkCoordinate.
// All calculations and references are in World Coordinates.
// .SECTION Notes
// This class was adapted from a 2D version created by Hank Childs called
// vtkHankAxisActor2D.
// .SECTION See Also
// vtkActor vtkVectorText vtkPolyDataMapper vtkAxisActor2D vtkCoordinate
#ifndef __vtkAxisActor_h
#define __vtkAxisActor_h
#include "vtkActor.h"
#define VTK_MAX_LABELS 200
#define VTK_MAX_TICKS 1000
#define VTK_AXIS_TYPE_X 0
#define VTK_AXIS_TYPE_Y 1
#define VTK_AXIS_TYPE_Z 2
#define VTK_TICKS_BOTH 2
// ****************************************************************************
// Modifications:
// Kathleen Bonnell, Tue Aug 31 16:17:43 PDT 2004
// Added TitleTextTime timestamp, so that title can be updated appropriately
// when its text changes. Changed Titles Set macro for a user-defined
// set so TitleTextTime can be updated.
// ****************************************************************************
class vtkCamera;
class vtkCoordinate;
class vtkFollower;
class vtkPoints;
class vtkPolyData;
class vtkPolyDataMapper;
class vtkStringArray;
class vtkVectorText;
class VTK_HYBRID_EXPORT vtkAxisActor : public vtkActor
void PrintSelf(ostream& os, vtkIndent indent);
// Description:
// Instantiate object.
static vtkAxisActor *New();
// Description:
// Specify the position of the first point defining the axis.
virtual vtkCoordinate *GetPoint1Coordinate();
virtual void SetPoint1(double x[3])
{ this->SetPoint1(x[0], x[1], x[2]); }
virtual void SetPoint1(double x, double y, double z);
virtual double *GetPoint1();
// Description:
// Specify the position of the second point defining the axis.
virtual vtkCoordinate *GetPoint2Coordinate();
virtual void SetPoint2(double x[3])
{ this->SetPoint2(x[0], x[1], x[2]); }
virtual void SetPoint2(double x, double y, double z);
virtual double *GetPoint2();
// Description:
// Specify the (min,max) axis range. This will be used in the generation
// of labels, if labels are visible.
// Description:
// Set or get the bounds for this Actor as (Xmin,Xmax,Ymin,Ymax,Zmin,Zmax).
void SetBounds(double bounds[6]);
double *GetBounds(void);
void GetBounds(double bounds[6]);
// Description:
// Set/Get the format with which to print the labels on the axis.
// Description:
// Set/Get the flag that controls whether the minor ticks are visible.
vtkSetMacro(MinorTicksVisible, int);
vtkGetMacro(MinorTicksVisible, int);
vtkBooleanMacro(MinorTicksVisible, int);
// Description:
// Set/Get the title of the axis actor,
void SetTitle(const char *t);
// Description:
// Set/Get the size of the major tick marks
vtkSetMacro(MajorTickSize, double);
vtkGetMacro(MajorTickSize, double);
// Description:
// Set/Get the size of the major tick marks
vtkSetMacro(MinorTickSize, double);
vtkGetMacro(MinorTickSize, double);
// Description:
// Set/Get the location of the ticks.
vtkSetClampMacro(TickLocation, int, VTK_TICKS_INSIDE, VTK_TICKS_BOTH);
vtkGetMacro(TickLocation, int);
void SetTickLocationToInside(void)
{ this->SetTickLocation(VTK_TICKS_INSIDE); };
void SetTickLocationToOutside(void)
{ this->SetTickLocation(VTK_TICKS_OUTSIDE); };
void SetTickLocationToBoth(void)
{ this->SetTickLocation(VTK_TICKS_BOTH); };
// Description:
// Set/Get visibility of the axis line.
vtkSetMacro(AxisVisibility, int);
vtkGetMacro(AxisVisibility, int);
vtkBooleanMacro(AxisVisibility, int);
// Description:
// Set/Get visibility of the axis tick marks.
vtkSetMacro(TickVisibility, int);
vtkGetMacro(TickVisibility, int);
vtkBooleanMacro(TickVisibility, int);
// Description:
// Set/Get visibility of the axis labels.
vtkSetMacro(LabelVisibility, int);
vtkGetMacro(LabelVisibility, int);
vtkBooleanMacro(LabelVisibility, int);
// Description:
// Set/Get visibility of the axis title.
vtkSetMacro(TitleVisibility, int);
vtkGetMacro(TitleVisibility, int);
vtkBooleanMacro(TitleVisibility, int);
// Description:
// Set/Get whether gridlines should be drawn.
vtkSetMacro(DrawGridlines, int);
vtkGetMacro(DrawGridlines, int);
vtkBooleanMacro(DrawGridlines, int);
// Description:
// Set/Get the length to use when drawing gridlines.
vtkSetMacro(GridlineXLength, double);
vtkGetMacro(GridlineXLength, double);
vtkSetMacro(GridlineYLength, double);
vtkGetMacro(GridlineYLength, double);
vtkSetMacro(GridlineZLength, double);
vtkGetMacro(GridlineZLength, double);
// Description:
// Set/Get the type of this axis.
vtkSetClampMacro(AxisType, int, VTK_AXIS_TYPE_X, VTK_AXIS_TYPE_Z);
vtkGetMacro(AxisType, int);
void SetAxisTypeToX(void) { this->SetAxisType(VTK_AXIS_TYPE_X); };
void SetAxisTypeToY(void) { this->SetAxisType(VTK_AXIS_TYPE_Y); };
void SetAxisTypeToZ(void) { this->SetAxisType(VTK_AXIS_TYPE_Z); };
// Description:
// Set/Get the position of this axis (in relation to an an
// assumed bounding box). For an x-type axis, MINMIN corresponds
// to the x-edge in the bounding box where Y values are minimum and
// Z values are minimum. For a y-type axis, MAXMIN corresponds to the
// y-edge where X values are maximum and Z values are minimum.
vtkSetClampMacro(AxisPosition, int, VTK_AXIS_POS_MINMIN, VTK_AXIS_POS_MAXMIN);
vtkGetMacro(AxisPosition, int);
void SetAxisPositionToMinMin(void)
{ this->SetAxisPosition(VTK_AXIS_POS_MINMIN); };
void SetAxisPositionToMinMax(void)
{ this->SetAxisPosition(VTK_AXIS_POS_MINMAX); };
void SetAxisPositionToMaxMax(void)
{ this->SetAxisPosition(VTK_AXIS_POS_MAXMAX); };
void SetAxisPositionToMaxMin(void)
{ this->SetAxisPosition(VTK_AXIS_POS_MAXMIN); };
// Description:
// Set/Get the camera for this axis. The camera is used by the
// labels to 'follow' the camera and be legible from any viewpoint.
virtual void SetCamera(vtkCamera*);
vtkGetObjectMacro(Camera, vtkCamera);
// Description:
// Draw the axis.
virtual int RenderOpaqueGeometry(vtkViewport* viewport);
virtual int RenderTranslucentGeometry(vtkViewport *) {return 0;}
// Description:
// Release any graphics resources that are being consumed by this actor.
// The parameter window could be used to determine which graphic
// resources to release.
void ReleaseGraphicsResources(vtkWindow *);
// Description:
// Shallow copy of an axis actor. Overloads the virtual vtkProp method.
void ShallowCopy(vtkProp *prop);
double ComputeMaxLabelLength(const double [3]);
double ComputeTitleLength(const double [3]);
void SetLabelScale(const double);
void SetTitleScale(const double);
// Description:
// Set/Get the starting position for minor and major tick points,
// and the delta values that determine their spacing.
vtkSetMacro(MinorStart, double);
vtkGetMacro(MinorStart, double);
vtkSetMacro(MajorStart, double);
vtkGetMacro(MajorStart, double);
vtkSetMacro(DeltaMinor, double);
vtkGetMacro(DeltaMinor, double);
vtkSetMacro(DeltaMajor, double);
vtkGetMacro(DeltaMajor, double);
void SetLabels(vtkStringArray *labels);
void BuildAxis(vtkViewport *viewport, bool);
char *Title;
double Range[2];
double LastRange[2];
char *LabelFormat;
int NumberOfLabelsBuilt;
int MinorTicksVisible;
int LastMinorTicksVisible;
int TickLocation;
int DrawGridlines;
int LastDrawGridlines;
double GridlineXLength;
double GridlineYLength;
double GridlineZLength;
int AxisVisibility;
int TickVisibility;
int LastTickVisibility;
int LabelVisibility;
int TitleVisibility;
int AxisType;
int AxisPosition;
double Bounds[6];
vtkAxisActor(const vtkAxisActor&); // Not implemented
void operator=(const vtkAxisActor&); // Not implemented
void TransformBounds(vtkViewport *, double bnds[6]);
void BuildLabels(vtkViewport *, bool);
void SetLabelPositions(vtkViewport *, bool);
void BuildTitle(bool);
void SetAxisPointsAndLines(void);
bool BuildTickPointsForXType(double p1[3], double p2[3], bool);
bool BuildTickPointsForYType(double p1[3], double p2[3], bool);
bool BuildTickPointsForZType(double p1[3], double p2[3], bool);
bool TickVisibilityChanged(void);
vtkCoordinate *Point1Coordinate;
vtkCoordinate *Point2Coordinate;
double MajorTickSize;
double MinorTickSize;
double MajorStart;
double MinorStart;
double DeltaMinor;
double DeltaMajor;
int LastAxisPosition;
int LastAxisType;
int LastTickLocation;
double LastLabelStart;
vtkPoints *MinorTickPts;
vtkPoints *MajorTickPts;
vtkPoints *GridlinePts;
vtkVectorText *TitleVector;
vtkPolyDataMapper *TitleMapper;
vtkFollower *TitleActor;
vtkVectorText **LabelVectors;
vtkPolyDataMapper **LabelMappers;
vtkFollower **LabelActors;
vtkPolyData *Axis;
vtkPolyDataMapper *AxisMapper;
vtkActor *AxisActor;
vtkCamera *Camera;
vtkTimeStamp BuildTime;
vtkTimeStamp BoundsTime;
vtkTimeStamp LabelBuildTime;
vtkTimeStamp TitleTextTime;
int AxisHasZeroLength;