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Program: ParaView
Module: vtkExodusIIReaderParser.h
Copyright (c) Kitware, Inc.
All rights reserved.
See Copyright.txt or for details.
This software is distributed WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even
PURPOSE. See the above copyright notice for more information.
// .NAME vtkExodusIIReaderParser - internal parser used by vtkExodusIIReader.
// .SECTION Description
// vtkExodusIIReaderParser is an internal XML parser used by vtkExodusIIReader.
// This is not for public use.
#ifndef __vtkExodusIIReaderParser_h
#define __vtkExodusIIReaderParser_h
#include "vtkXMLParser.h"
#include "vtkSmartPointer.h"
#include <vtksys/ios/sstream>
#include <vtkstd/map>
#include <vtkstd/vector>
#include <vtkstd/set>
#include <vtkstd/string>
class vtkMutableDirectedGraph;
class vtkStringArray;
class vtkUnsignedCharArray;
class VTK_HYBRID_EXPORT vtkExodusIIReaderParser : public vtkXMLParser
static vtkExodusIIReaderParser* New();
vtkTypeMacro(vtkExodusIIReaderParser, vtkXMLParser);
void PrintSelf(ostream& os, vtkIndent indent);
// Description:
// Returns the SIL.
// This is valid only after Go().
vtkGetObjectMacro(SIL, vtkMutableDirectedGraph);
// Description:
// Trigger parsing of the XML file.
void Go(const char* filename);
// Returns if the parser has some information about the block with given "id".
// This is valid only after Go().
bool HasInformationAboutBlock(int id)
return (this->BlockID_To_VertexID.find(id) != this->BlockID_To_VertexID.end());
// Description:
// Given a block "id" return the name as determined from the xml.
// This is valid only after Go().
vtkstd::string GetBlockName(int id);
// Description:
// Fills up the blockIdsSet with the block ids referred to by the XML.
// This is valid only after Go().
void GetBlockIds(vtkstd::set<int>& blockIdsSet)
vtkstd::map<int, vtkIdType>::iterator iter;
for (iter = this->BlockID_To_VertexID.begin();
iter != this->BlockID_To_VertexID.end();
virtual void StartElement( const char* tagName, const char** attrs);
virtual void EndElement(const char* tagName);
void FinishedParsing();
const char* GetValue(const char* attr,const char** attrs)
int i;
for (i=0;attrs[i];i+=2)
const char* name=strrchr(attrs[i],':');
if (!name)
if (strcmp(attr,name)==0)
return attrs[i+1];
return NULL;
// Convenience methods to add vertices/edges to the SIL.
vtkIdType AddVertexToSIL(const char* name);
vtkIdType AddChildEdgeToSIL(vtkIdType src, vtkIdType dst);
vtkIdType AddCrossEdgeToSIL(vtkIdType src, vtkIdType dst);
// Description:
// Returns the vertex id for the "part" with given
// part_number_instance_string formed as
// "{part-number} Instance: {part-instance}"
vtkIdType GetPartVertex(const char* part_number_instance_string);
// For each of the blocks, this maps the "id" attribute in the XML to the
// vertex id for the block in the SIL.
vtkstd::map<int, vtkIdType> BlockID_To_VertexID;
// Maps block "id"s to material names.
vtkstd::map<int, vtkstd::string> BlockID_To_MaterialName;
// Maps material name to vertex id.
// This will be build only if <material-list> is present in the XML.
vtkstd::map<vtkstd::string, vtkIdType> MaterialName_To_VertexID;
vtkstd::map<vtkIdType, vtkstd::string> PartVertexID_To_Descriptions;
// These save the values read from <material-specification /> element present
// withint the <part /> elements.
// key: part vertex id
// value: material name = (desp + spec)
vtkstd::map<vtkIdType, vtkstd::string> MaterialSpecifications;
// Maps the "{part-number} Instance: {part-instance}" key for the vertex id
// for the part vertex in the Assemblies hierarchy.
vtkstd::map<vtkstd::string, vtkIdType> Part_To_VertexID;
// Maps a block-id to the "{part-number} Instance: {part-instance}" string.
vtkstd::map<int, vtkstd::string> BlockID_To_Part;
vtkMutableDirectedGraph* SIL;
vtkSmartPointer<vtkStringArray> NamesArray;
vtkSmartPointer<vtkUnsignedCharArray> CrossEdgesArray;
vtkstd::string BlockPartNumberString;
vtkIdType RootVertex;
vtkIdType BlocksVertex;
vtkIdType AssembliesVertex;
vtkIdType MaterialsVertex;
vtkstd::vector<vtkIdType> CurrentVertex;
bool InBlocks;
bool InMaterialAssignments;
vtkExodusIIReaderParser(const vtkExodusIIReaderParser&); // Not implemented
void operator=(const vtkExodusIIReaderParser&); // Not implemented