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Program: Visualization Toolkit
Module: vtkAffineRepresentation2D.h
Copyright (c) Ken Martin, Will Schroeder, Bill Lorensen
All rights reserved.
See Copyright.txt or for details.
This software is distributed WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even
PURPOSE. See the above copyright notice for more information.
// .NAME vtkAffineRepresentation2D - represent 2D affine transformations
// .SECTION Description
// This class is used to represent a vtkAffineWidget. This representation
// consists of three parts: a box, a circle, and a cross. The box is used for
// scaling and shearing, the circle for rotation, and the cross for
// translation. These parts are drawn in the overlay plane and maintain a
// constant size (width and height) specified in terms of normalized viewport
// coordinates.
// The representation maintains an internal transformation matrix (see
// superclass' GetTransform() method). The transformations generated by this
// widget assume that the representation lies in the x-y plane. If this is
// not the case, the user is responsible for transforming this
// representation's matrix into the correct coordinate space (by judicious
// matrix multiplication). Note that the transformation matrix returned by
// GetTransform() is relative to the last PlaceWidget() invocation. (The
// PlaceWidget() sets the origin around which rotation and scaling occurs;
// the origin is the center point of the bounding box provided.)
// .SECTION See Also
// vtkAffineRepresentation vtkAffineWidget
#ifndef __vtkAffineRepresentation2D_h
#define __vtkAffineRepresentation2D_h
#include "vtkAffineRepresentation.h"
class vtkProperty2D;
class vtkActor2D;
class vtkPolyDataMapper2D;
class vtkPolyData;
class vtkPoints;
class vtkCellArray;
class vtkTextProperty;
class vtkLeaderActor2D;
class vtkTextMapper;
class vtkActor2D;
class VTK_WIDGETS_EXPORT vtkAffineRepresentation2D : public vtkAffineRepresentation
// Description:
// Instantiate this class.
static vtkAffineRepresentation2D *New();
// Description:
// Standard methods for instances of this class.
void PrintSelf(ostream& os, vtkIndent indent);
// Description:
// Specify the width of the various parts of the representation (in
// pixels). The three parts are of the representation are the translation
// axes, the rotation circle, and the scale/shear box. Note that since the
// widget resizes itself so that the width and height are always the
// same, only the width needs to be specified.
// Description:
// Specify the origin of the widget (in world coordinates). The origin
// is the point where the widget places itself. Note that rotations and
// scaling occurs around the origin.
void SetOrigin(double o[3]) {this->SetOrigin(o[0],o[1],o[2]);}
void SetOrigin(double ox, double oy, double oz);
// Description:
// Retrieve a linear transform characterizing the affine transformation
// generated by this widget. This method copies its internal transform into
// the transform provided. Note that the PlaceWidget() method initializes
// the internal matrix to identity. All subsequent widget operations (i.e.,
// scale, translate, rotate, shear) are concatenated with the internal
// transform.
virtual void GetTransform(vtkTransform *t);
// Description:
// Set/Get the properties when unselected and selected.
void SetProperty(vtkProperty2D*);
void SetSelectedProperty(vtkProperty2D*);
void SetTextProperty(vtkTextProperty*);
// Description:
// Enable the display of text with numeric values characterizing the
// transformation. Rotation and shear are expressed in degrees; translation
// the distance in world coordinates; and scale normalized (sx,sy) values.
// Description:
// Subclasses of vtkAffineRepresentation2D must implement these methods. These
// are the methods that the widget and its representation use to
// communicate with each other. Note: PlaceWidget() reinitializes the
// transformation matrix (i.e., sets it to identity). It also sets the
// origin for scaling and rotation.
virtual void PlaceWidget(double bounds[6]);
virtual void StartWidgetInteraction(double eventPos[2]);
virtual void WidgetInteraction(double eventPos[2]);
virtual void EndWidgetInteraction(double eventPos[2]);
virtual int ComputeInteractionState(int X, int Y, int modify=0);
virtual void BuildRepresentation();
// Description:
// Methods to make this class behave as a vtkProp.
virtual void ShallowCopy(vtkProp *prop);
virtual void GetActors2D(vtkPropCollection *);
virtual void ReleaseGraphicsResources(vtkWindow *);
virtual int RenderOverlay(vtkViewport *viewport);
// Methods to manipulate the cursor
void Translate(double eventPos[2]);
void Scale(double eventPos[2]);
void Rotate(double eventPos[2]);
void Shear(double eventPos[2]);
void Highlight(int highlight);
void UpdateText(const char *text, double eventPos[2]);
// The width of the widget in normalized viewport coordinates.
int BoxWidth;
int CircleWidth;
int AxesWidth;
// Display text
int DisplayText;
// Internal variables for bookkeeping (in display coordinates unless noted)
double CurrentWidth;
double CurrentRadius;
double CurrentAxesWidth;
// The internal transformation matrix
vtkTransform *CurrentTransform;
vtkTransform *TotalTransform;
vtkTransform *TempTransform;
double Origin[4]; //the current origin in world coordinates
double DisplayOrigin[3]; //the current origin in display coordinates
double CurrentTranslation[3]; //translation this movement
double StartWorldPosition[4]; //Start event position converted to world
double StartAngle; //The starting angle (always positive)
double CurrentAngle;
double CurrentScale[2];
double CurrentShear[2];
void ApplyShear(); //helper method to apply shear to matrix
// Properties used to control the appearance of selected objects and
// the manipulator in general.
vtkProperty2D *Property;
vtkProperty2D *SelectedProperty;
vtkTextProperty *TextProperty;
void CreateDefaultProperties();
double Opacity;
double SelectedOpacity;
// Support picking
double LastEventPosition[2];
// These are the classes that form the geometric representation -----------
// The label
vtkTextMapper *TextMapper;
vtkActor2D *TextActor;
// The outer box
vtkPoints *BoxPoints;
vtkCellArray *BoxCellArray;
vtkPolyData *Box;
vtkPolyDataMapper2D *BoxMapper;
vtkActor2D *BoxActor;
vtkPoints *HBoxPoints;
vtkCellArray *HBoxCellArray;
vtkPolyData *HBox;
vtkPolyDataMapper2D *HBoxMapper;
vtkActor2D *HBoxActor;
// The circle
vtkPoints *CirclePoints;
vtkCellArray *CircleCellArray;
vtkPolyData *Circle;
vtkPolyDataMapper2D *CircleMapper;
vtkActor2D *CircleActor;
vtkPoints *HCirclePoints;
vtkCellArray *HCircleCellArray;
vtkPolyData *HCircle;
vtkPolyDataMapper2D *HCircleMapper;
vtkActor2D *HCircleActor;
// The translation axes
vtkLeaderActor2D *XAxis;
vtkLeaderActor2D *YAxis;
vtkLeaderActor2D *HXAxis;
vtkLeaderActor2D *HYAxis;
vtkAffineRepresentation2D(const vtkAffineRepresentation2D&); //Not implemented
void operator=(const vtkAffineRepresentation2D&); //Not implemented