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Program: Visualization Toolkit
Module: vtkOrientedGlyphContourRepresentation.h
Copyright (c) Ken Martin, Will Schroeder, Bill Lorensen
All rights reserved.
See Copyright.txt or for details.
This software is distributed WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even
PURPOSE. See the above copyright notice for more information.
// .NAME vtkOrientedGlyphContourRepresentation - Default representation for the contour widget
// .SECTION Description
// This class provides the default concrete representation for the
// vtkContourWidget. It works in conjunction with the
// vtkContourLineInterpolator and vtkPointPlacer. See vtkContourWidget
// for details.
// .SECTION See Also
// vtkContourRepresentation vtkContourWidget vtkPointPlacer
// vtkContourLineInterpolator
#ifndef __vtkOrientedGlyphContourRepresentation_h
#define __vtkOrientedGlyphContourRepresentation_h
#include "vtkContourRepresentation.h"
class vtkProperty;
class vtkActor;
class vtkPolyDataMapper;
class vtkPolyData;
class vtkGlyph3D;
class vtkPoints;
class VTK_WIDGETS_EXPORT vtkOrientedGlyphContourRepresentation : public vtkContourRepresentation
// Description:
// Instantiate this class.
static vtkOrientedGlyphContourRepresentation *New();
// Description:
// Standard methods for instances of this class.
void PrintSelf(ostream& os, vtkIndent indent);
// Description:
// Specify the cursor shape. Keep in mind that the shape will be
// aligned with the constraining plane by orienting it such that
// the x axis of the geometry lies along the normal of the plane.
void SetCursorShape(vtkPolyData *cursorShape);
vtkPolyData *GetCursorShape();
// Description:
// Specify the shape of the cursor (handle) when it is active.
// This is the geometry that will be used when the mouse is
// close to the handle or if the user is manipulating the handle.
void SetActiveCursorShape(vtkPolyData *activeShape);
vtkPolyData *GetActiveCursorShape();
// Description:
// This is the property used when the handle is not active
// (the mouse is not near the handle)
// Description:
// This is the property used when the user is interacting
// with the handle.
// Description:
// This is the property used by the lines.
// Description:
// Subclasses of vtkOrientedGlyphContourRepresentation must implement these methods. These
// are the methods that the widget and its representation use to
// communicate with each other.
virtual void SetRenderer(vtkRenderer *ren);
virtual void BuildRepresentation();
virtual void StartWidgetInteraction(double eventPos[2]);
virtual void WidgetInteraction(double eventPos[2]);
virtual int ComputeInteractionState(int X, int Y, int modified=0);
// Description:
// Methods to make this class behave as a vtkProp.
virtual void GetActors(vtkPropCollection *);
virtual void ReleaseGraphicsResources(vtkWindow *);
virtual int RenderOverlay(vtkViewport *viewport);
virtual int RenderOpaqueGeometry(vtkViewport *viewport);
virtual int RenderTranslucentPolygonalGeometry(vtkViewport *viewport);
virtual int HasTranslucentPolygonalGeometry();
// Description:
// Get the points in this contour as a vtkPolyData.
virtual vtkPolyData * GetContourRepresentationAsPolyData();
// Description:
// Controls whether the contour widget should always appear on top
// of other actors in the scene. (In effect, this will disable OpenGL
// Depth buffer tests while rendering the contour).
// Default is to set it to false.
vtkSetMacro( AlwaysOnTop, int );
vtkGetMacro( AlwaysOnTop, int );
vtkBooleanMacro( AlwaysOnTop, int );
// Description:
// Convenience method to set the line color.
// Ideally one should use GetLinesProperty()->SetColor().
void SetLineColor(double r, double g, double b);
// Description:
// A flag to indicate whether to show the Selected nodes
// Default is to set it to false.
virtual void SetShowSelectedNodes(int);
// Description:
// Return the bounds of the representation
virtual double *GetBounds();
// Render the cursor
vtkActor *Actor;
vtkPolyDataMapper *Mapper;
vtkGlyph3D *Glypher;
vtkActor *ActiveActor;
vtkPolyDataMapper *ActiveMapper;
vtkGlyph3D *ActiveGlypher;
vtkPolyData *CursorShape;
vtkPolyData *ActiveCursorShape;
vtkPolyData *FocalData;
vtkPoints *FocalPoint;
vtkPolyData *ActiveFocalData;
vtkPoints *ActiveFocalPoint;
vtkPolyData *SelectedNodesData;
vtkPoints *SelectedNodesPoints;
vtkActor *SelectedNodesActor;
vtkPolyDataMapper *SelectedNodesMapper;
vtkGlyph3D *SelectedNodesGlypher;
vtkPolyData *SelectedNodesCursorShape;
void CreateSelectedNodesRepresentation();
vtkPolyData *Lines;
vtkPolyDataMapper *LinesMapper;
vtkActor *LinesActor;
// Support picking
double LastPickPosition[3];
double LastEventPosition[2];
// Methods to manipulate the cursor
void Translate(double eventPos[2]);
void Scale(double eventPos[2]);
void ShiftContour(double eventPos[2]);
void ScaleContour(double eventPos[2]);
void ComputeCentroid(double* ioCentroid);
// Properties used to control the appearance of selected objects and
// the manipulator in general.
vtkProperty *Property;
vtkProperty *ActiveProperty;
vtkProperty *LinesProperty;
void CreateDefaultProperties();
// Distance between where the mouse event happens and where the
// widget is focused - maintain this distance during interaction.
double InteractionOffset[2];
int AlwaysOnTop;
virtual void BuildLines();
vtkOrientedGlyphContourRepresentation(const vtkOrientedGlyphContourRepresentation&); //Not implemented
void operator=(const vtkOrientedGlyphContourRepresentation&); //Not implemented