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Program: Visualization Toolkit
Module: vtkSphereHandleRepresentation.h
Copyright (c) Ken Martin, Will Schroeder, Bill Lorensen
All rights reserved.
See Copyright.txt or for details.
This software is distributed WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even
PURPOSE. See the above copyright notice for more information.
// .NAME vtkSphereHandleRepresentation - A spherical rendition of point in 3D space
// .SECTION Description
// This class is a concrete implementation of vtkHandleRepresentation. It
// renders handles as spherical blobs in 3D space.
// .SECTION See Also
// vtkHandleRepresentation vtkHandleWidget vtkSphereSource
#ifndef __vtkSphereHandleRepresentation_h
#define __vtkSphereHandleRepresentation_h
#include "vtkHandleRepresentation.h"
#include "vtkSphereSource.h" // Needed for delegation to sphere
class vtkSphereSource;
class vtkProperty;
class vtkActor;
class vtkPolyDataMapper;
class vtkCellPicker;
class VTK_WIDGETS_EXPORT vtkSphereHandleRepresentation
: public vtkHandleRepresentation
// Description:
// Instantiate this class.
static vtkSphereHandleRepresentation *New();
// Description:
// Standard methods for instances of this class.
void PrintSelf(ostream& os, vtkIndent indent);
// Description:
// Set the position of the point in world and display coordinates. Note
// that if the position is set outside of the bounding box, it will be
// clamped to the boundary of the bounding box. This method overloads
// the superclasses' SetWorldPosition() and SetDisplayPosition() in
// order to set the focal point of the cursor properly.
virtual void SetWorldPosition(double p[3]);
virtual void SetDisplayPosition(double p[3]);
// Description:
// If translation mode is on, as the widget is moved the bounding box,
// shadows, and cursor are all translated simultaneously as the point moves
// (i.e., the left and middle mouse buttons act the same). Otherwise, only
// the cursor focal point moves, which is constrained by the bounds of the
// point representation. (Note that the bounds can be scaled up using the
// right mouse button.)
void SetSphereRadius(double);
double GetSphereRadius();
// Description:
// Set/Get the handle properties when unselected and selected.
void SetProperty(vtkProperty*);
void SetSelectedProperty(vtkProperty*);
// Description:
// Set the "hot spot" size; i.e., the region around the focus, in which the
// motion vector is used to control the constrained sliding action. Note the
// size is specified as a fraction of the length of the diagonal of the
// point widget's bounding box.
// Description:
// Overload the superclasses SetHandleSize() method to update internal
// variables.
virtual void SetHandleSize(double size);
// Description:
// Methods to make this class properly act like a vtkWidgetRepresentation.
virtual double *GetBounds();
virtual void BuildRepresentation();
virtual void StartWidgetInteraction(double eventPos[2]);
virtual void WidgetInteraction(double eventPos[2]);
virtual int ComputeInteractionState(int X, int Y, int modify=0);
virtual void PlaceWidget(double bounds[6]);
// Description:
// Methods to make this class behave as a vtkProp.
virtual void ShallowCopy(vtkProp *prop);
virtual void DeepCopy(vtkProp *prop);
virtual void GetActors(vtkPropCollection *);
virtual void ReleaseGraphicsResources(vtkWindow *);
virtual int RenderOpaqueGeometry(vtkViewport *viewport);
virtual int RenderTranslucentPolygonalGeometry(vtkViewport *viewport);
virtual int HasTranslucentPolygonalGeometry();
// the cursor3D
vtkActor *Actor;
vtkPolyDataMapper *Mapper;
vtkSphereSource *Sphere;
void Highlight(int highlight);
// Do the picking
vtkCellPicker *CursorPicker;
double LastPickPosition[3];
double LastEventPosition[2];
// Methods to manipulate the cursor
int ConstraintAxis;
void Translate(double *p1, double *p2);
void Scale(double *p1, double *p2, double eventPos[2]);
void MoveFocus(double *p1, double *p2);
void SizeBounds();
// Properties used to control the appearance of selected objects and
// the manipulator in general.
vtkProperty *Property;
vtkProperty *SelectedProperty;
void CreateDefaultProperties();
// The size of the hot spot.
double HotSpotSize;
int DetermineConstraintAxis(int constraint, double *x);
int WaitingForMotion;
int WaitCount;
// Current handle sized (may reflect scaling)
double CurrentHandleSize;
// Control how translation works
int TranslationMode;
vtkSphereHandleRepresentation(const vtkSphereHandleRepresentation&); //Not implemented
void operator=(const vtkSphereHandleRepresentation&); //Not implemented