A tool to build slides in impress.js in a WYSIWYG manner
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A tool that builds impress.js presentations

Current usage instructions

Stop the mouse pointer over a step to see the controls. Draggable controls let you set position, rotation and scale of the selected step. Caution: element is being redrawn when you stop the mouse, not all the time. I did that for your CPU ;) Edit opens up a textarea with html contents of the step. Wrap toggles the style of a classic slide.

Top left corner has some more buttons:

  • Add new - creates a new step in presentation. The new step glows until you change its text.
  • Overview - switches you from looking at a particular slide to the overview.
  • Get file - downloads the resulting presentation
  • style.css - downloads style.css file that needs to be next to the presentation.html (it's for you to edit)

You can download the presentation, but not push it back.

Plans and issues [notes to self, but tips are appreciated ;)]

Make it follow the mouse more closely (there are some fractions lost in vector rotation or it's just an issue of responsiveness)


  • rearrange steps
  • delete steps
  • save work to localStorage ?
  • load presentation file ?


MIT License