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# Fix things that JSDOM doesn't do quite right.
core = require("jsdom").dom.level3.core
URL = require("url")
vm = process.binding("evals")
http = require("http")
html5 = require("html5").HTML5
# Event Handling
# --------------
# Add default event behavior (click link to navigate, click button to submit
# form, etc). We start by wrapping dispatchEvent so we can forward events to
# the element's _eventDefault function (only events that did not incur
# preventDefault).
dispatchEvent = core.HTMLElement.prototype.dispatchEvent
core.HTMLElement.prototype.dispatchEvent = (event)->
outcome =, event) event unless event._preventDefault
return outcome
core.HTMLElement.prototype._eventDefault = (event)->
# Scripts
# -------
# Need to use the same context for all the scripts we load in the same document,
# otherwise simple things won't work (e.g $.xhr)
core.languageProcessors =
javascript: (element, code, filename)->
document = element.ownerDocument
window = document.parentWindow
window.browser.debug -> "Running script from #{filename}" if filename
if window
ctx = vm.Script.createContext(window)
script = new vm.Script(code, filename)
script.runInContext ctx
# Links/Resources
# ---------------
# Default behavior for clicking on links: navigate to new URL is specified.
core.HTMLAnchorElement.prototype._eventDefault = (event)->
@ownerDocument.parentWindow.location = @href if event.type == "click" && @href
# Fix not-too-smart URL resolving in JSDOM.
core.resourceLoader.resolve = (document, path)->
path = URL.resolve(document.URL, path)
path.replace(/^file:/, '').replace(/^([\/]+)/, "/")
# Fix resource loading to keep track of in-progress requests. Need this to wait
# for all resources (mainly JavaScript) to complete loading before terminating
# browser.wait.
core.resourceLoader.load = (element, href, callback)->
document = element.ownerDocument
window = document.parentWindow
ownerImplementation = document.implementation
if ownerImplementation.hasFeature('FetchExternalResources', element.tagName.toLowerCase())
window.request { url: href, method: "GET", headers: {} }, (done)=>
url = URL.parse(@resolve(document, href))
loaded = (data, filename)->
done null, { status: 200, headers: {}, body: data.slice(0,100) } this, data, filename
if url.hostname
@download url, @enqueue(element, loaded, url.pathname)
file = @resolve(document, url.pathname)
@readFile file, @enqueue(element, loaded, file)
# Adds redirect support when loading resources (JavaScript). = (url, callback)->
path = url.pathname + ( || "")
client = http.createClient(url.port || 80, url.hostname)
request = client.request("GET", path, "host": url.hostname)
request.on "response", (response)->
response.setEncoding "utf8"
data = ""
response.on "data", (chunk)-> data += chunk.toString()
response.on "end", ()->
switch response.statusCode
when 301, 302, 303, 307
redirect = URL.resolve(url, response.headers["location"])
download redirect, callback
callback null, data
request.on "error", (error)-> callback error
# Scripts
# -------
# Here we deal with four JSDOM issues:
# - JSDOM assumes a SCRIPT element would have one text node, it may have
# more, and in the second case, it has none.
# - HTML5 creates the SCRIPT element first, then adds the script
# contents to the element. We handle that by catching appendChild
# with a text node and DOMCharacterDataModified event on the text
# node.
# - Scripts can be added using document.write, so we need to patch
# document.write so it adds the script instead of erasing the
# document.
# - ResourceQueue checks whether is something, if is
# an empty string it does nothing when check() is called, and so never
# completes loading when there are empty scripts.
advise = (clazz, method, advice)->
proto = clazz.prototype
impl = proto[method]
proto[method] = ()->
args =
ret = impl.apply(this, arguments)
args.unshift ret
return advice.apply(this, args) || ret
# JSDOM had advise for appendChild, but doesn't seem to do much if the
# child is a text node.
advise core.Node, "appendChild", (ret, newChild, refChild)->
if this.ownerDocument && newChild.nodeType == this.TEXT_NODE
ev = this.ownerDocument.createEvent("MutationEvents")
ev.initMutationEvent("DOMNodeInsertedIntoDocument", true, false, this, null, null, null, null)
# DOMCharacterDataModified event fired when text is added to a
# TextNode. This is a crappy implementation, a good one would old and
# new values in the event.
core.CharacterData.prototype.__defineSetter__ "_nodeValue", (newValue)->
oldValue = @_text || ""
@_text = newValue
if @ownerDocument && @parentNode
ev = @ownerDocument.createEvent("MutationEvents")
ev.initMutationEvent("DOMCharacterDataModified", true, false, this, oldValue, newValue, null, null)
@dispatchEvent ev
core.CharacterData.prototype.__defineGetter__ "_nodeValue", -> @_text
# Add support for DOMCharacterDataModified, so we can execute a script
# when its text contents is changed. Safari and Firefox support that.
core.Document.prototype._elementBuilders["script"] = (doc, s)->
script = new core.HTMLScriptElement(doc, s)
script.addEventListener "DOMCharacterDataModified", (event)->
code =
if code.trim().length > 0
src = this.sourceLocation || {}
filename = src.file || this.ownerDocument.URL
if src
filename += ':' + src.line + ':' + src.col
filename += '<script>'
eval = (text, filename)->
if text + " " == this.text
core.languageProcessors[this.language](this, text, filename)
process.nextTick =>
core.resourceLoader.enqueue(this, eval, filename)(null, code)
# Fix text property so it doesn't fail on empty contents
script.__defineGetter__ "text", ->
# Handle script with no child elements, but also force script
# content to never be empty (see bug in ResourceQueue)
(item.value for item in this.children).join("") + " "
return script
# Fix document.write so it can handle calling document.write from a
# script while loading the document.
core.HTMLDocument.prototype._write = (html)->
if @readyState == "loading" && @_parser
# During page loading, document.write appends to the current element
open = @_parser.tree.open_elements.last()
parser = new html5.Parser(document: this)
parser.parse_fragment(html, open.parentNode)
# When loading page, parse from scratch.
# After page loading, empty document and parse from scratch.
@removeChild child for child in @children
@_parser = new html5.Parser(document: this)
core.HTMLDocument.prototype.writeln = (html)-> @write html + "\n"
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