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zombie.js changelog(1) -- Changelog

Version 0.7.4 2010-12-28

Now parsing documents using HTML5, which can deal better with tag soup.

Added support for scripts that use document.write.

Added troublehsooting guide.

Fixed naming issue: browser.last_request is now lastRequest, same for lastResponse and lastError.

189 Tests
2.5 sec to complete

Version 0.7.3 2010-12-27

Fixed non-sensical error message when selector fails matching a node (fill, check, select, etc).

Added debugging to help you figure out what's happening when tests run:

  • Call browser.debug with a boolean to turn debugging on/off.
  • Call browser.debug with a boolean and function to turn debugging on/off only while calling that function.
  • Call browser.debug with multiple arguments to print them (same as console.log).
  • Call browser.debug with a function to print the result of that function call.

Added an all revealing browser.dump: history, cookies, storage, document, etc. Simply call: browser.dump

Testing that Zombie.js can handle jQuery live form submit event. Yes it can!

185 Tests
1.8 sec to complete

Version 0.7.2 2010-12-27

In CoffeeScript 1.0 loops no longer try preserve block scope when functions are being generated within the loop body. Unfortunately, this broke a bunch of stuff when running Zombie from CoffeeScript source. It had effect when running the compiled JavaScript.

Changed: window.location now returns the same Location object until you navigate to a different page.

183 Tests
1.8 sec to complete

Version 0.7.1 2010-12-22

Removed CoffeeScript from runtime dependency list.

Version 0.7.0 2010-12-22

Added querySelector and querySelectorAll based on the DOM Selector API. Use this instead of find method.

Browser is now an EventEmitter, you can listen to drain (event queue empty), error (loading page) and loaded (what is says).

You can now use pressButton with inputs of type button and reset (previously just submit).

More, better, documentation.

187 tests
2.0 sec to complete

Version 0.6.5 2010-12-21

Fixed lack of JavaScript source code: CoffeeScript moved to src, JavaScript compiled into lib, life is grand again.

Changelog is now Markdown file and part of the documentation.

Version 0.6.4 2010-12-21

First documentation you can actually use.

Version 0.6.3 2010-12-21

Fixed documentation link.

man zombie

Version 0.6.2 2010-12-21

First NPM release.

Started working on documentation site.

Added cake setup to get you up and running with development dependencies.

Remove Vows as runtime dependency. Use whichever framework you like. Moved sizzle.js from dep to vendor. Moved scripts used during tests to spec/.scripts.

178 tests
1.8 sec to complete

Version 0.6.1 2010-12-20

Changed browser.cookies from getter to function that accepts cookie domain (host and port) and path, and returns wrapper to access specific cookie context.

Fixed: browser now creates new window for each new document.

Added window.JSON.

178 tests
1.8 sec to complete

Version 0.6.0 2010-12-20

First release that I could use to test an existing project.

Supports for navigation, filling and submitting forms, and selecting document content using Sizzle. Browser features include evaluating JavaScript (jQuery, Sammy.js), timers, XHR, cookies, local and session storage.

Still very rough around the edges.

175 tests
1.8 sec to complete
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