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# Web Storage, see
core = require("jsdom").dom.level3.core
events = require("jsdom")
# Storage area. The storage area is shared by multiple documents of the same
# origin. For session storage, they must also share the same browsing context.
class StorageArea
constructor: ->
@length = 0
@items = []
@storages = []
# Get key by ordinal position.
key: (index)->
i = 0
for k of @items
return k if i == index
# Get value from key
get: (key)->
entry = @items[key]
entry[0] if entry
# Set the value of a key. We also need the source storage (so we don't send
# it a storage event).
set: (source, key, value)->
if entry = @items[key]
oldValue = entry[0]
entry[0] = value
@items[key] = [value]
@fire source, key, oldValue, value
# Remove the value at the key. We also need source storage (see set above).
remove: (source, key)->
if entry = @items[key]
oldValue = entry[0]
delete @items[key]
@fire source, key, oldValue
# Remove all values. We also need source storage (see set above).
clear: (source)->
if @length > 0
@length = 0
@items = []
@fire source
# Fire a storage event. Fire in all documents that share this storage area,
# except for the source document.
fire: (source, key, oldValue, newValue)->
for [storage, window] in @storages
continue if storage == source
event = new StorageEvent(storage, window.location.href, key, oldValue, newValue)
#process.nextTick -> window.dispatchEvent event, false, false
# Associate local/sessionStorage and window with this storage area. Used when firing events.
associate: (storage, window)->
@storages.push [storage, window]
dump: ->
("#{k} = #{v[0]}" for k,v of @items).join("\n")
# Implementation of the Storage interface, used by local and session storage.
class Storage
constructor: (area, window)->
area.associate this, window if window
@__defineGetter__ "length", -> area.length
this.key = (index)-> area.key(index)
this.getItem = (key)-> area.get(key.toString())
this.setItem = (key, value)-> area.set this, key.toString(), value
this.removeItem = (key)-> area.remove this, key.toString()
this.clear = -> area.clear this
this.dump = -> area.dump()
# Implementation of the StorageEvent.
StorageEvent = (storage, url, key, oldValue, newValue)-> this, "storage"
@__defineGetter__ "url", -> url
@__defineGetter__ "storageArea", -> storage
@__defineGetter__ "key", -> key
@__defineGetter__ "oldValue", -> oldValue
@__defineGetter__ "newValue", -> newValue
Storage.prototype.__proto__ = events.Event.prototype
# Additional error codes defines for Web Storage and not in JSDOM.
core.SECURITY_ERR = 18
# Combined local/session storage.
class Storages
constructor: (browser)->
localAreas = {}
sessionAreas = {}
# Return local Storage based on the document origin (hostname/port).
this.local = (host)->
area = localAreas[host] ?= new StorageArea()
new Storage(area)
# Return session Storage based on the document origin (hostname/port).
this.session = (host)->
area = sessionAreas[host] ?= new StorageArea()
new Storage(area)
# Extend window with local/session storage support.
this.extend = (window)->
window.__defineGetter__ "sessionStorage", ->
@document._sessionStorage ||= browser.sessionStorage(
window.__defineGetter__ "localStorage", ->
@document._localStorage ||= browser.localStorage(
exports.use = (browser)->
return new Storages(browser)
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