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# Fix things that JSDOM doesn't do quite right.
HTML = require("jsdom").dom.level3.html
URL = require("url")
{ raise } = require("./helpers")
HTML.HTMLElement.prototype.__defineGetter__ "offsetLeft", -> 0
HTML.HTMLElement.prototype.__defineGetter__ "offsetTop", -> 0
HTML.HTMLElement.prototype.__defineGetter__ "offsetWidth", -> 100
HTML.HTMLElement.prototype.__defineGetter__ "offsetHeight", -> 100
# Default behavior for clicking on links: navigate to new URL is specified.
HTML.HTMLAnchorElement.prototype._eventDefaults =
click: (event)->
anchor =
anchor.ownerDocument.parentWindow.location = anchor.href if anchor.href
# Fix resource loading to keep track of in-progress requests. Need this to wait
# for all resources (mainly JavaScript) to complete loading before terminating
# browser.wait.
HTML.resourceLoader.load = (element, href, callback)->
document = element.ownerDocument
window = document.parentWindow
ownerImplementation = document.implementation
tagName = element.tagName.toLowerCase()
if ownerImplementation.hasFeature('FetchExternalResources', tagName)
switch tagName
when "iframe"
element.window.location = URL.resolve(element.window.parent.location, href)
url = URL.parse(@resolve(document, href))
loaded = (response, filename)-> this, response.body, URL.parse(response.url).pathname
if url.hostname
window.browser.resources.get url, @enqueue(element, loaded, url.pathname)
file = @resolve(document, url.pathname)
@readFile file, @enqueue(element, loaded, file)
# Support for iframes that load content when you set the src attribute.
HTML.Document.prototype._elementBuilders["iframe"] = (doc, s)->
parent = doc.parentWindow
iframe = new HTML.HTMLIFrameElement(doc, s)
iframe.window = parent)
iframe.window.parent = parent
iframe._attributes.setNamedItem = (node)-> iframe._attributes, node
if node._nodeName == "src" && node._nodeValue
url = URL.resolve(parent.location.href, URL.parse(node._nodeValue))
iframe.window.location.href = url
return iframe
# If JSDOM encounters a JS error, it fires on the element. We expect it to be
# fires on the Window. We also want better stack traces.
HTML.languageProcessors.javascript = (element, code, filename)->
if doc = element.ownerDocument
window = doc.parentWindow
try code, filename
catch error
raise element, __filename, null, error
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