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Vomitino is a "tongue in cheek firmware" for the HexBright ( flashlight. 
The word "vomitino", in italian, means something like "little puker" and was chosen for 2 reasons:

- it follows the -ino desinence tradition, so common in Arduino based projects

- it refers to the fact that the firmware implements a "stroboscopic dazzle mode", inspired by the "LED Incapacitator" (, a security device that is rumoured be able to stop an hypothetic attacker, inducing vomiting and disorientation.

While I used the same frequency range, the Vomitino lacks some of the features of its original inspirer (i.e. multicoloured light). It's meant to be just a joke and should not be considered a "self defence tool" at all: in the end it's just very bright and somewhat annoying strobe light, just like the ones you find in disco :)
Some people have weird reactions to flashing lights in general, so try to avoid be an as… ehm... to be unpolite and silly, ok?
And, to be clear, I'm not responsible if you manage to hurt someone with a flashlight! :)

Click button: turn on/off the normal flashlight mode
Click and hold: switch to "dazzle mode". When you release the button, it goes back to the previous mode.