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Following Opa tutorial to build a chat room website.
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  • /topic/ is a room
  • /topic/ has one or no host
  • /topic/ has many guests
  • /category/topic/
  • /category/ -> category lounge
  • when /topic/ has no host, next guest will become the host
  • host can customize theme of the room
  • host can delete posts


  • dynamically create rooms
  • hyperlink url
  • youtube integration
  • post number (#100 should create link to post #100)
  • gist integration (pasting code)
  • command: :rm=# (remove post #)
  • upload and display images
  • clickable post number (append #100 to your input)


  • display popular rooms /lounge (100)/ on top
  • simple markup language integration
  • older message displays day/mo/year in addition to min/hour
  • customizable theme
  • drag and drop
  • upload and display sound clips
  • twitter-style display more log
  • allows lounges/topics
  • collapse author
  • cycle left and right alignments
  • master password
  • user deletes own post
  • public / invite only
  • elaborate greeting message: welcome to /lounge/topic/
  • accentuate topic
  • /topic/ generate link to /topic/
  • /category/topic/ generate link to /category/topic/
  • /room/#100 generates link to /room/ on post #100
  • +/-1
  • :filter=token,token,token
  • hyperlink should recognize https protocol
  • :sound=trumpet
  • :image=snowman
  • :wiki=keyword (option: random)
  • :google=keyword (option: random)
  • :youtube=v
  • wikipedia integration
  • google search results integration
  • user left message
  • validate youtube entry:
  • global notification (for downtime and maintenance announcement)
  • manage db records
  • simple db actions (:rm=100)
  • export db as xml
  • integrate pastebin =>
  • refactor with record derivation: see manual
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