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vn-payments CONTRIBUTING

Thanks for your interest in vn-payments development. We welcome any kind of contributions to this project.

If you have issues to report, it's best to write down a unit test (using Jest) and post the issue ticket with a PR to your unit test.

If you want to contribute with new feature and fixes, please read below guidelines first:

Code standards:

  • Please follow Nau Studio's JavaScript code styles. Hint: we follow mostly AirBnB styles with exception of hard TABS as indentation characters.
  • ESlint must be used to validate your code before submitting PR.
  • Prettier must be used with your code editor to maintain code standards.

Getting Started with Development:

  • Install Node (>= 6.0.0).
  • Clone source code to your machine.
  • In the project root folder, execute command in terminal: npm install.
  • Link this repo as local npm package: npm link.
  • Change to example/ folder, execute command : npm install.
  • Make vn-payments package in the example point to our local npm package: npm link vn-payments.
  • Start the example with: npm start. This will launch a nodemon process for automatic server restarts when your code changes.


Testing is powered by Jest. This project also uses supertest for demonstrating a simple routing smoke test suite.

Start the test runner in watch mode with:

# yarn
yarn test

# npm
npm test

You can also generate coverage with:

# yarn
yarn test --coverage

# npm
npm test --coverage

Add more Payment Gateway:

  • We intend to implement helpers for payment gateways in Vietnam only.
  • Follow one of the class implementation in the src/ folder. Then send us PR.
  • OR send us integration documentation from gateway providers. See below.

Hỗ trợ tài liệu tích hợp:

Một số cổng thanh toán không cung cấp tài liệu tích hợp ra ngoài mà chỉ gửi cho đối tác cần sử dụng. Bạn có thể gửi cho chúng tôi tài liệu tích hợp của cổng thánh toán để chúng tôi hiện thực giúp.

API Documentation

  • Comment code following JSDoc specifications.
  • From terminal, execute command to generate new documentation site (output to docs):
# yarn
yarn doc
# npm
npm run doc

Type definitions for editors' auto completion:

  • Update all interfaces and definitions in src/index.d.ts.
  • We follow TypeScript Declaration File specs to enable auto-completion in VSCode and other editors which use TypeScript as auto-completion engine

Testing cards for payment tests

OnePay Domestic Test card:

  • Type of card: Vietcombank – Connect24
  • Card Number: 6868682607535021
  • Issue date: 12/08

OnePay International Test cards:

Card 1 – Credit card – Successful transaction Card type:

  • Visa Number: 4005550000000001
  • Date Exp: 05/21
  • CVV/CSC: 123

Card 2 – Credit card: return B, F, E code – Fail transaction

  • Number: 5313581000123430
  • Date Exp: 05/21
  • CVV/CSC: 123

VNPay Test cards

Thông tin thẻ test (Chọn Ngân hàng NCB để thanh toán)

  • Số thẻ: 9704198526191432198
  • Tên chủ thẻ: NGUYEN VAN A
  • Ngày phát hành: 07/15
  • Mật khẩu OTP mặc định: 123456

NganLuong Test cards

Thanh toán bằng ATM Online: chọn ngân hàng Eximbank (EXB) với thông tin thẻ:

  • Số thẻ: 9874563254178962
  • Họ tên chủ thẻ: Nguyen Hue
  • Ngày phát hành: 10/2016
  • Mã OTP: 123456

Thanh toán bằng thẻ visa, với thông tin thẻ:

  • Số thẻ: 4111111111111111
  • Họ tên chủ thẻ: Nguyen Hue
  • Ngày hết hạn: 10/2023
  • Mã CVV: 123
  • Mã OTP: 123456


(outdated, we need to contact SohaPay gateway support to get latest test card)

  • Loai the: VISA
  • So the: 4005550000000001
  • Expire date: 05 - 13
  • Security code (CSC/CVV): 234
  • Ten: Tran Quang Khai

The cao dien thoai

  • 12345671234567 (100k)
  • 123456712345678 (50k)