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Nomad Open Kitchen
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Nomad Open Kitchen environment

This is the environment that will be used to showcase Nomad in the Xebia Open Kitchen about Managing Scalable Docker Container Platforms with Nomad on the 27th of January 2016.

The environment that is created on Google Compute Engine contains:

  • 3 Nomad server nodes.
  • 2 Autoscaling groups for the Nomad client nodes.
  • A network containing all the nodes belonging to the environment.
  • Internal DNS for the Nomad servers. (e.g. nomad-01.stack.local)
  • External DNS for the Nomad servers. (e.g.

Getting started

Before we get started we need to load the modules that are used in this setup:

make get

To check what changes would be applied and view the plan:

make plan STACK=<name>
make show STACK=<name>

To create the environment:

make apply STACK=<name>

To view your stack or all stacks:

make list STACK=<name>
make list-all STACK=<name>

To refresh the state of the stack:

make refresh STACK=<name>

To destroy the environment:

make destroy STACK=<name>

To view the presentation

Run the presenter binary corresponding to your operating system.

presenter.linux serve   // Linux
presenter.osx serve     // Mac OSX
presenter.exe serve     // Windows
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