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SentiRef is a dataset of identified Emotional Scores in Refactoring Commit Messages of GitHub projects. SentiRef consists of 3,171 commit messages with 4,891 instances of following Refactoring Activities:

1. Extract Method
2. Extract Interface
3. Extract Superclass
4. Rename Method
5. Rename Class
6. Inline Method
7. Push Down Attribute
8. Push Down Method
9. Pull Up Attribute
10. Pull Up Method
11. Extract And Move Method
12. Move Attribute
13. Move Method
14. Move Class
15. Move Class Folder

Building SentiRef

The process of buliding SentiStrength involves following steps:

  1. Apply RefTypeExtractor to input projects
  2. Apply SentiStrength to identify emotions in each Refactoring activity.

Evolve SentiRef

Researchers can contribute to SentiRef by considering different projects and analyze emotions in a broad range of refactoring activities.