Extracts Data from Facebook pages. Access Token and App IDs have to be provided in the properties/config.ini file. Faceboook API v2.9
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Command Line Arguments

The following command-line parameters are used :

--access_token manually pass the access token

--url the partial url typed into the graph API explorer

--start_date date from when the posts are to be extracted

--end_dateend date to which the posts are to be extracted

--page_id The FacebookID of the Page from which data is to be extracted.

The access token, url and other properties can be modified by editing the config.ini file directly. (Recommended)

start_date and end_date fields in config.ini is used to determine the range of posts extracted by the program


python3 facebook_requests.py --start_date 2016-05-22 --end_date 2017-01-01 --page_id SeventhAnomaly


python3 facebook_request.py

Default property values are in properties/config.ini