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This library exposes the basic functions in the Trello API as a member functions which can be used in larger applications. The library is was originally created by [@GraemeF]. Requires Restler to function.


Creating trello connection

var Trello = require 'trello';
var trello = Trello( <key>,<token>);

Reading all cards from a given board and printing card name

trello.getCardsOnBoard(<boardId>, function (error, result){
	if (error instanceOf Error) {
	} else {
		for (var i=0; i < result.length; i++) {



Trello(key, token)

Creates the initial Trello connection. You will need a read/write token to enable all functionality

Adding Items

addBoard(name, description, organizationId, callback)

Adds new board to your Trello Account

addListToBoard(boardId, name, callback)

Adds a new list to a given board

addCard(name, description, listId, callback)

Add a new card to a given list

addCommentToCard(cardId, comment, callback)

Add a comment to specified card

Update Items

updateCard(cardId, params, callback)

Update a specified card with parameters passed
Valid Parameters

  • name - Name of the card
  • desc - Description of the card
  • closed - Open or close card (True/False)
  • idList - Id of the list to move the card to
  • due - assign a due date to a card (either date or null)

updateDescOnCard(cardId, description, callback)

Updates the description on a card

moveCard(cardId, listId, callback)

Moves a card to a new list, the listId is for the new list

addMemberToCard(cardId, memberId, callback)

Add a member to a card

Get Items

getBoardMembers(boardId, callback)

Retrieve the members of a given board

getListsOnBoard(boardId, callback)

Retrieve lists on a given board

getCardsOnBoard(boardId, callback)

Retrieve all cards on a given board

getCard(cardId, callback)

Get an individual card

Delete Items

deleteCard(cardId, callback)

Delete a single card