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A simple JQuery plugin to assist with developing web applications using the Facebook JS SDK.
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jQuery Facebook Plugin v0.1

Plugin allows for quick and easy setup for the Facebook JS SDK within the jQuery wrapper.
Look at source for config options till I decide to write up a proper guide. ;)

Exposes useful information such as:
jQuery.facebook.inCanvas - Is page within FB Canvas.
jQuery.facebook.isReady - Can access window.FB.

Provides utility functions:
jQuery.facebook.ensure( callback [, waitForAuth] ) - Execute code only once FB has been included and initalised, also have the option to wait for user to be authenticaed before executing.
jQuery.facebook.context( canvasCallback, normalCallback ) - Execute certain code depending on whether your code is being run within the FB Canvas or normally.

Example Usage

jQuery.facebook( fbAppId [, settings] )


$.facebook(1234567890, {  
    locale: 'en_US',
    initConfig: {
        cookie: false,
        xfbml: true
    initQueue: [function() {         
    }, function() {         
    }, function() {         


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