Force PowerPoint to *always* output on the display you *really* want it to output on. For 3+ monitor set ups. Big hack.
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A tool to force PowerPoint to output on the projector display, regardless if Windows messes up the display number!

PowerPoint stores the output display as DisplayMonitor in the registry. For example, this value could be \\.\DISPLAY2 which could refer a projector you've got hooked up.

It turns out that this \\.\DISPLAY2 identifier is not unique to the display itself! Windows can reassign it to some other physical display (say, a third monitor which isn't the main projector). Things like which order you power-on the devices can affect this.

PowerGlue is a tool which attempts to always set the correct DisplayMonitor value.


  1. Download the tool and save it somewhere - a config file will get created in this folder

  2. Run the tool. Select which display is the main projector.

Via a bunch of Windows API's and EDID info, the tool will retrieve the up-to-date \\.\DISPLAYXXX value and write it to PowerPoint's registry. Test it out - pressing F5 in PowerPoint should now show the output on your chosen display. (Changes shoud take effect immediately)

  1. Enable the log-in task and event watcher

This will run a tiny service in the system tray which will fire on log-in, and every time a Windows monitor change is detected.


--silent will hide the balloon message. You can manually add this to the arguments of the log-in event (in Task Scheduler).