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Bobot is a Ruby wrapped framework to build easily a Facebook Messenger Bot.

gem 'bobot'
First steps to setup

Run the command to install basic files: rails g bobot:install
Then, add `bobot` section into `secrets.yml`:

    app_id: "123"
    app_secret: "456"
    verify_token: "your token"
    skip_code: ""
    domains: ","
    async: false
    commander_queue_name: "default"
      - slug: "facebook_1"
        language: "fr"
        page_id: "789"
        page_access_token: "abc"
        get_started_payload: "get_started"
        home_url_for_chat_extension: ""
        size_for_chat_extension: "tall"
        share_button_for_chat_extension: "show"
        in_test_for_chat_extension: "true"

Now to can edit the workflow of your bot with the file:
- app/bobot/workflow.rb

Webhook url

Facebook wants an url where he can send me information to communicate with my server.

When you installed Bobot, a line has been added to your config/routes.rb

mount Bobot::Engine => "/XXXXXX", as: "bobot"

You have to setup as url on the webhook facebook interface:

And as :verify_token, the one you set on your config/secrets.yml

Persistent Menu, Greeting Text, Whitelist domains, Get Started

After having define into your `config/application.rb` your I18n.available_locales.

Then, persistent menu and the greeting text will catch the content of them from `locales/bobot.{locale}.yml`
- config/locales/bobot.{locale}.yml

The whitelist domains and get_started button settings have to be set in:
- config/secrets.yml

Find a page

You can access to page settings:
- `page = Bobot::Page.find(facebook_page_id)`
- `page = Bobot::Page.find_by_slug(facebook_page_slug)`
- `page = Bobot::Page[facebook_page_id]`
- `page = Bobot::Page[facebook_page_slug]`

After fetching the page with command above, you have access to:
- `page.update_facebook_setup!`

Or one by one in a Rails console:
- `page.unset_greeting_text!`
- `page.set_greeting_text!`
- `page.unset_whitelist_domains!`
- `page.set_whitelist_domains!`
- `page.unset_get_started_button!`
- `page.set_get_started_button!`
- `page.unset_persistent_menu!`
- `page.set_persistent_menu!`
- `page.unset_home_url!`
- `page.set_home_url!`

Page methods:

The parameter :to is the facebook uid of the target.
- page.sender_action(sender_action:, to: nil)
- page.show_typing(state:, to: nil)
- page.mark_as_seen(to: nil)
- page.send(payload_message:, to: nil)
- page.send_text(text:, to: nil)
- page.send_attachment(url:, type:, to: nil)
- page.send_image(url:, to: nil)
- page.send_audio(url:, to: nil)
- page.send_video(url:, to: nil)
- page.send_file(url:, to: nil)
- page.send_quick_replies(text:, quick_replies:, to: nil)
- page.send_buttons(text:, buttons:, to: nil)
- page.send_generic(elements:, image_aspect_ratio: 'square', to: nil)
- page.send_carousel(elements:, image_aspect_ratio: 'square', to: nil)

Event methods:

The event is the parameter that you receive in your block when you are hooking an event on your workflow.rb
- event.sender_action(sender_action:)
- event.show_typing(state:)
- event.mark_as_seen
- event.reply(payload_message:)
- event.reply_with_text(text:)
- event.reply_with_attachment(url:, type:)
- event.reply_with_image(url:)
- event.reply_with_audio(url:)
- event.reply_with_video(url:)
- event.reply_with_file(url:)
- event.reply_with_quick_replies(text:, quick_replies:)
- event.reply_with_buttons(text:, buttons:)
- event.reply_with_generic(elements:, image_aspect_ratio: 'square')
- event.reply_with_carousel(elements:, image_aspect_ratio: 'square')

You can find more informations on the workflow : BOBOT_WORKFLOW


ruby >= 2.3.1


The Messenger Platform - Facebook for Developers is available and provides full documentation for the API section. All informations related to webhook Messenger Platform - Webhook.


The gem is available as open source under the terms of the MIT License.

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