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## Navidrome Articles
Here are some articles written by and for members of the Navidrome community. If you write or find any interesting blog post about Navidrome, feel free to [add to this list](

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#### English

* [Migrating from Google Music to Navidrome on Kubernetes]( - 22/Nov/2020 by Andy Smith
* [[How-To] Install Navidrome Using docker-compose (an Airsonic/Booksonic Alternative)]( - 14/Nov/2020 by Agricola
* [Navidrome, a self-hosted jukebox that sucks even less]( - 16/Sep/2020 by Julien Voisin
* [How to install navidrome under freebsd 12]( - 04/Jun/2020 by Chrissie Brown

#### Other languages

* [Servidor de música. La alternativa a Airsonic es Navidrome]( - Spanish podcast, 16/Sep/2020 by uGeek
* [スマホでの音楽環境のためメディアサーバを探した話 (A story about searching for a media server)]( - Japanese blog post, 02/Sep/2020 by aries
* [Les Tutos: Docker No. 14: Navidrome - Serveur de streaming de musique]( - French installation video, 25/Apr/2020 by Tonton Jo

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<p>{{ .Site.Title }} is an open source project that anyone in the community can use, improve, and enjoy. We'd love you to join us! Here's a few ways to find out what's happening and get involved.

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