Updated Oct 6, 2018

Consider traffic reports for routing. See traffic branch.

No description

Fancy ideas for later

Updated May 1, 2018

Stuff that cross your mind that might be worth exploring at some point when someone has time to kill.

Enhance documentation

Updated May 1, 2018

The idea would be to enhance the doc around how to create plugins and to interact with navit via code in general

Code cleanup and sanity

Updated Sep 2, 2018

This project includes:

  • dead code cleanup
  • make sure we use glib for memory-related operations
  • have code analysis like cppcheck and/or Valgrind
  • add unit tests

Snapshot build channels

Updated May 1, 2018

Turning into a project for easier implementation.

Putting that here as it's not a bug, just a follow up from #355 . I was wondering what kind of stuffs we would need for a nightly build channel. I have a raspberry pi 2 I could lend as a buildbot if it can help. How do you guys want to proceed?

From @jkoan:

Hi @aerostitch I would think it should be not to hard to provide beta channels. First step would be to discuss for what platforms we want to provide beta channels. My suggestion would be

fdroid (own additional repo which could be added to fdroid app) debian/ubuntu ppa repo for RPM (I am personally don't know about what we need to do there, but we will find out) Then and in my mind this is the most difficult part (because I don't know about our server infrastructure) is to set up the repositorys and provide a way for circleci to push them to on the server. The server should then rebuild index or what ever is needed. About the server we need the help of @pgrandin In total this should not be really hard to setup