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React Group Project - Social Network
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Ghost PAC

Ghost PAC is a social media site for PAC-MAN ghosts. It's a dashboard for Inky, Blinky, Pinky, Clyde, and others to use to organize their daily tasks, events, news article, friends, and chat messages.

The app was built using the React library.

Setup: Follow these steps exactly

  1. Clone this repository.
  2. cd into the directory it creates.
  3. Make a database.json file in the api directory.
  4. Run npm install and wait for all dependencies to be installed.
  5. Run npm start to verify that installation was successful.

Signing In

To use, sign in with the username Steve. His password is "pass". He has other ghost friends that you can see in the nav bar. You can also see his and his friends' chats, tasks, events, and news articles.


Nate Vogel, Leigh Rogers, Fortunato Mugnano, and Taylor Carroll.

DB Diagram

This diagram explains the relationships between users, their friends, and the things they can do, including events, tasks, news, and messages.

Nutshell Project ERD

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