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NavTable 1.0 - 2012-07-16
For users:
- Manual: new versions in english (Andrés Maneiro, Francisco Puga & José Antonio
Canalejo) and italian languages (Giuliano Ramat).
- Filter buttons: moved to south panel.
- Quick filters: new options available ("starts with", "ends with" and "contains") and
general usability improvements.
- Add clear button in actions toolbar (Jorge López).
- NavTable Preferences page (Francisco Puga).
- Alias: added support for long field names in DBF files (Jorge López).
- Date types: added support (dd/mm/yyyy) (Andrés Maneiro).
- AlphanumericNavTable: misc bugfixing and stabiling component.
- Misc bugfixes.
For developers:
- NavTable, NavTableForms and OpenCADToolsPlugin are now separated projects
- (Andrés Maneiro).
- Allow setting values for newly created records (Jorge López).
- Several improvements to respond better to changes in recordset made outside
navtable: implements EditionListener and SelectionListener, get recordset
values from source, etc (Javier Estévez & Andrés Maneiro).
- Create currentPosition listener, to advertised changes on position (Andrés
- NAVTABLE_CONTEXT_MENU: extension point to add new actions to the
contextual menu opened with the right button (Francisco Puga).
- NAVTABLE_ACTIONS_TOOLBAR: extension point to add buttons dinamically to actions
toolbar on south panel (Andrés Maneiro).
- Support to nice formatting (ala spreadsheets) depending on type: double,
integer, date, etc (Andrés Maneiro).
- All methods related to actions on recordset are now public: zoom, save,
- Update JTS dependency to 1.12.
- Dropped @Deprecated methods.
- General cleaning of ToggleEditing class (Jorge López).
Migration to GitHub - 2011-12-02
- Migration from OSOR to GitHub ( The libraries and plugins in the repo
(navtableforms, navtableforms-example and navtable-opencadtoolplugin) have gained independence
and a proper repo have been created for each of them. Commits affecting to those projects have
been filtered from NavTable repository.
NavTable 0.8 - 2011-03-28
- Misc Bugfixes
NavTable 0.7.9 - 2011-02-28
- Implemented quick filter tool on the right click on mouse
- Fix for unsaved data question on editing layers
- Some improvements in code style and refactoring
- Misc tasks on Navtable-Forms
NavTable 0.6.2 - 2010-08-18
- Use "appHomeDir" as provided by com.iver.andami.Launcher (Nacho Brodin)
- Fixed problem when there are agrupations among selected layers (Daniel González)
- Function for modifying multiple values of a row in one time
- Misc Bugfixes
NavTable 0.6 - 2010-05-19
- Changed TableLayout library to MiGLayout in order to improve the resize behaviour.
- Improved NavTable behaviour when the layer is already under edition.
- Now NavTable opens all the active layers in TOC at the same time.
- Created NavTable config folder into gvSIG's one.
- Added new alias system, compatible with the old one, with support for alias in PostGIS layers.
- Some changes in order to be compatible with gvSIG-3D pilot (by Jordi Torres Fabra)
- Misc BugFixes
- Added italian translation (by Silvio Grosso and Antonio Falciano)
NavTable 0.4.1_beta - 2009-12-3
- Adapted NavTable to gvSIG 1.9.
- Added Portuguese translation by Joaquim Rocha.
NavTable 0.4 - 2009-09-18
- Added Open NavTable action to popup menu in TOC.
- Create and eliminate registers.
- Improved behaviour when the layer is being edited.
Bugs Fixed:
- #592: Error deleting features while layer is on edition.
- #525: Mistake with register unselection.
NavTable 0.2.2 - 2009-06-02
- Created a system to give longer names to the attributes.
- Arrow keys navigation.
- Added info about the geometry.
- It shows a warning when there's unsaved data.
- Copy from selected record instead of the previous one.
- Better behaviour with selections in gvSIG.
- Added to gvSIG menus.
- Added French Translation by Gonzalo Martínez Crespo.
NavTable 0.2 - 2009-05-11
- Initial import
- Official Release of NavTable 0.2 for gvSIG