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This release is associated with v1.0.3 milestone and published on March 6, 2014.


We list here some of the more important changes for users and developers.


  • Several fixes on alphanumeric navtable. It was not working at all, when using a table, that has not a layer loaded on toc.
  • Save Button is now enabled in edition mode. When the user press it in edition mode, the changes are commited to the layer, but they are not wrriten to disk until the user close the edition
  • Image header works again
  • Unify filter button and move it down in the gui #73 #74


  • Replaces some images on the manual that were not allowing creating the pdf.
  • Use ValueFormatNT instead of the internal value writer to compare the view with the layer, searching for changed values. Method getChangedValues was returning bad results due to this issue.
  • When a value can not be written in a field, for example a string in a numeric field, the original value was used. Previously a 0 or "" was written.
  • Adds some classes to simplify testing
  • Improve how the size of navtable is calculated, and some refactoring to simplify the gui code. #69 #68
  • Handling exceptions a bit more properly
  • Some new methods that make code of navtableforms easier. resetListeners, reinitNavtable #70
  • New ant target to generate gvsig packages