The Neo4j Graph Database Manual
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About Neo4j Manual

The documents use the asciidoc format, see:

Building the documentation

Asciidoc version 8.6.3 is a requirement together with whatever dependencies it needs and specifically docbook, w3m, fop and graphviz.

Apache Maven together with Make are used to unpack the pieces of the manual and to execute asciidoc on them. Note that running parallel jobs with Make (-j option) is not supported.

To build the documentation, use:
mvn clean install

To perform a faster check of the document structure and to see if snippets and images are correctly resolved, use: mvn clean compile -Dcheck which will only produce html for offline use and text outputs (including the manpages). Note that this profile can’t be used together with the package goal.

With brew on OSX

brew install docbook asciidoc w3m fop graphviz libtool
sudo docbook-register

With apt-get on Ubuntu

sudo apt-get install asciidoc docbook fop graphviz w3m maven libxml2-utils xsltproc