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${server.fullname} ${neo4j.version}
Welcome to ${server.fullname} release ${neo4j.version}, a high-performance graph database.
This is the enterprise distribution of ${server.fullname}, including everything you need to
start building applications that can model, persist and explore graph-like data.
In the box
${server.fullname} runs as a server application, exposing a Web-based management
interface and RESTful endpoints for data access, along with logging, capabilities
for participating in a database cluster and JMX remote monitoring.
Here in the installation directory, you'll find:
* bin - scripts and other executables
* conf - server configuration
* data - database, log, and other variable files
* doc - more light reading
* lib - core libraries
* plugins - user extensions
* system - super-secret server stuff
Make it go
To get started with ${server.fullname}, let's start the server and take a
look at the web interface...
1. open a console and navigate to the install directory
2. start the server
* Windows: use `bin\Neo4j.bat`
* Linux/Mac: use `bin/neo4j start`
3. in a browser, open [webadmin](http://localhost:${org.neo4j.webserver.port}/webadmin/)
4. from any REST client or browser, open (http://localhost:${org.neo4j.webserver.port}/db/data)
in order to get a REST starting point, e.g.
`curl -v http://localhost:${org.neo4j.webserver.port}/db/data`
5. shutdown the server
* Windows: type Ctrl-C to terminate the batch script
* Linux/Mac: use `bin/neo4j stop`
Learn more
There is a manual available in the `doc` directory, which includes tutorials
and reference material.
Out on the internets, you'll find:
* [${neo4j-home.url.title}](${neo4j-home.url})
* [${getting-started.url.title}](${getting-started.url})
* [${neo4j-manual.title}](${neo4j-manual.url})
* [${neo4j-components.url.title}](${neo4j-components.url})
For more links, a handy [guide post](doc/guide-post.html) in the `doc`
directory will point you in the right direction.
Various licenses apply. Please refer to the LICENSE and NOTICE files for more
detailed information.
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