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# Java Additional Parameters
# Remote JMX monitoring, uncomment and adjust the following lines as needed.
# Also make sure to update the jmx.access and jmx.password files with appropriate permission roles and passwords,
# the shipped configuration contains only a read only role called 'monitor' with password 'Neo4j'.
# For more details, see:
# On Unix based systems the jmx.password file needs to be owned by the user that will run the server,
# and have permissions set to 0600.
# For details on setting these file permissions on Windows see:
# Some systems cannot discover host name automatically, and need this line configured:$THE_NEO4J_SERVER_HOSTNAME
# Uncomment the following line to enable garbage collection logging
# Initial Java Heap Size (in MB)
# Maximum Java Heap Size (in MB)
# Application parameters. Add parameters as needed starting from 1
# both pidfile and lockfile are relative to the bin dir
# Wrapper Windows NT/2000/XP Service Properties
# WARNING - Do not modify any of these properties when an application
# using this configuration file has been installed as a service.
# Please uninstall the service before modifying this section. The
# service can then be reinstalled.
# Name of the service
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