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Rails Plugin for html5jp JavaScript Graph Libraries
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Html5jpGraphs is a Rails Plugin for Graph Libraries. Graph Libraries are written by futomi, released under Apache License, Version 2.0.

There are 4 kinds of graphs in

  • vertical bar chart

  • radar chart

  • line chart

  • pie chart

With this plugin, you can easily draw graphs using helper methods. Helper methods accepts both simple array data and your original complex model objects.

Note you need jQuery or prototype.js.


Add html5jp_graphs in your GemFile for Bundler.

gem 'html5jp_graphs'


You need to include html5jp_graphs.js. Add this line to the application.js.

//= require html5jp_graphs

Also you need to add :htmltjp_graphs as a helper in your controllers.

class GraphsController < ApplicationController
  helper :html5jp_graphs


Draw a Vertical Bar Chart

<%= vertical_bar_chart [['accesses', 520, 340, 804, 602], ['clicks', 101, 76, 239, 321]] %>

 or you can use your own model obejct (with some methods. Please see RDoc for the requirements).

<%= vertical_bar_chart access_click_summaries %>

Draw a Radar Chart

<%= radar_chart [['review1', 5, 4, 3], ['review2', 3, 5, 2]], :aCap => ['price', 'style', 'sound'] %>

<%= radar_chart reviews %>

Draw a Line Chart

<%= line_chart [['accesses', 520, 340, 804, 602], ['clicks', 101, 76, 239, 321]] %>

<%= line_chart access_click_summaries %>

Draw a Pie Chart

<%= pie_chart([["very good", 400], ["good", 300], ["bad", 100], ["very bad", 300]]) %>

<%= pie_chart opinions %>


You can use all options in Note that string options should be wrapped in ' ', or it would be used as a script code.

For example, to specify the backgroundColor option to a radar chart, write like this.

<%= radar_chart reviews, :backgroundColor => "'red'" %>

Copyright © 2008-2013 Yasuko Ohba (, released under the apache license

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