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sub_resources plugin adds several features to ActionController::Resources so that you can implement some common patterns in the RESTful way.
To install this plugin, please use script/plugin install.
> script/plugin install git://
Firstly, the regular map.resources and map.resource support good url-mapping patterns, but there are still some common RESTful patterns unsupported. Most of them are grouped in two types.
1. The case that several kinds of resources are implemented in one controller. In such a controller, there are one main resource type and other subordinate resource types, which I call 'sub resources'. For example, it's the case that 'GET /reports/3/tags' is expected to be mapped with ReportsController#tags instead of ReportTagsController#index.
2. The case that you want to describe edit/update/destroy to multiple records. For example, 'PUT /reports/' will be expected to be mapped with ReportsController#update_all.
sub_resources plugin provides solutions for these requests.
The solution for the first problem is to use :sub_resources / :sub_resource option to map.resources / map.resource.
map.resources :reports, :sub_resources => :tags
If you use :sub_resource option, that is handled as a single resource.
map.resources :reports, :sub_resource => :image
You can use an array as the value.
map.resources :reports, :sub_resources => [:tags, :attached_files]
Also, you can use a hash and specify common options to the sub resources.
map.resources :reports, :sub_resources => {:tag => {:only => [:index]}}
So, if you write the configuration like this,
map.resources :reports, :sub_resources => {
:tag => {:member => {:foo => :get}, :collection => {:bar => :post}}
It generates mappings like this;
GET /reports/:id/tags (report_tags)
POST /reports/:id/tags
GET /reports/:id/tags/:tag_id (report_tag)
PUT /reports/:id/tags/:tag_id
DELETE /reports/:id/tags/:tag_id
GET /reports/:id/tags/new (new_report_tag)
GET /reports/:id/tags/:tag_id/edit (edit_report_tag)
GET /reports/:id/tags/:tag_id/foo (foo_report_tag)
POST /reports/:id/tags/bar (bar_report_tags)
To describe edit/update/destroy action for multiple records, use specific action names.
sub_resources plugin handles 'edit_all', 'update_all', 'destroy_all' as special actions so only needed is to use those action names.
map.resources :reports, :collection => {:edit_all => :get, :update_all => :put, :destroy_all => :delete}
Then it generates mappings like this;
GET /reports/edit (edit_all_reports)
PUT /reports (reports)
DELETE /reports
This special action names are also available in sub resources.
map.resources :reports, :sub_resources => {:tags => {:collection => {:edit_all => :get, :update_all => :put, :destroy_all => :delete}}}
It generates mappings like this;
GET /reports/:id/tags/edit (edit_report_tags)
PUT /reports/:id/tags (report_tags)
DELETE /reports/:id/tags
This plugin was tested on Rails 2.3.3, Rails 2.3.4 and Rails 2.3.5.
Copyright (c) 2009 Yasuko Ohba, released under the MIT license