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OF wrapper for libartnet
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Wrapper of libartnet for OF 007 on OSX 10.6 and 10.7. May be useful for Linux and M$ too - see libartnet docs.

Can send to multiple artnet devices on the same network subnet if specifying sendRaw in the setup() function.

Receiving callback is untested but should work for a single artnet device.

Based on code here: Thanks to help from the OLA community


  • Copy the folder to your OF addons subfolder
  • Include ofxLibArtnet in your OF project (removing the example subfolder).
  • Add the libs subfolder as a recursive header search path in your project settings (e.g. $OF_PATH/addons/ofxLibArtnet/libs/**)
  • Add the preprocessor macro "HAVE_CONFIG_H" to your project settings.
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