Software for displaying a clock on a tablet.
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Tablet desk clock

This project is a fancy full-screen clock that runs in a web browser. A Python web server (usually run locally on the same device) provides the other part of the functionality.

The web part of the software can run in {Firefox, Chrome, Safari, but not Internet Explorer} on {Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, iOS}. The server part requires a platform that supports Python, such as Windows x86/x64 (not WinRT), Linux, or macOS.

Note: Viewing the static HTML file on disk will show the basic clock but not support functionality such as wallpaper randomization and network I/O. It is necessary to run the Python server to get all the features.


  1. Ensure your system has Python 3+ installed.
  2. Open a command line and run: python
  3. Open a web browser and visit: http://localhost:51367/

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