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Support for your own BOLT implementation

By dumping key log file

Your own BOLT implementation can use lightning-dissector by dumping key log file.
Whenever key lotation happens, BOLT implementation write out <16byte MAC & key> of "first BOLT packet" to key log file.
Every line of the key log file consists of:

<16-byte MAC of the encrypted message length> <rk or sk to decrypt that message>

BOLT #8 describes each item in detail.
Both items must be encoded as hex string like:

f5c824813efadaa8cb34b52fca45d8e6 9971413e29a98f2f173d19f405561c6ccebec1a88d358fab59ff32fb33cbe008

Implementations must insert a new line to the key log file when key rotation happens.
When you use Wireshark, you can specify key log file by Wireshark preference Protocols -> LIGHTNING -> Key log file.

By writing a new SecretFactory

Your own BOLT implementation can use lightning-dissector by writing a new SecretFactory.
and put its instance to here.

Add support for another message

You can add support for another message by writing a new deserializer like this.
and put it here.