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This repository has been archived by the owner on Jan 23, 2020. It is now read-only.

CleverStyle Framework is simple, scalable, fast and secure full-stack PHP framework

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CleverStyle Framework

CleverStyle Framework is simple, scalable, fast and secure full-stack PHP framework.

It is free, Open Source and is distributed under Free Public License 1.0.0 / Zero Clause BSD License

Installation instructions, documentation, video tutorials for developers, help with translations on Transifex.

Key features

  • Components
    • Modules - major component type
    • Blocks - are placed on around the page for displaying additional information
  • Events - ability to capture, respond or even override behavior of different aspects of the system without changing system itself
  • Users, groups and permissions for granular access to functionality
  • Localization and internationalization (both interface and content)
  • CSS, JavaScript and HTML processing with intelligent, high-performance and completely automatic minification, compression and caching
  • HTTP/2 Server Push (via preload) works automatically
  • Visual themes to personalize appearance
  • Multiple Databases and mirrors awareness
  • Multiple static content storages awareness
  • Caching everything that makes sense to put into cache
  • RESTful API and CLI interfaces
  • First-class WebComponents support (Polymer)
  • First-class AMD support (RequireJS)
  • First-class Composer, Bower and NPM support


There are thousands of other CMS and Frameworks, it is true, but this one is different from most of them because of ideas that drives its development.

Small and simple

Really simple.

System provides only essential minimum of abstractions to make things working while leaving freedom for developer. This ensures that system itself is easy to understand, use and develop for.


System contains everything necessary inside in order to ease setup and to be independent from external tools services.

No external tools required for system installation and operating. Every essential dependency is bundled with system core to ensure that system works out of the box.

This doesn't mean, however, that system ignores available ecosystem - Composer, Bower and NPM are all supported out of the box and will be seamlessly picked by system when their presence is detected.


Fresh system just works.

Seriously, reasonable defaults allows you to use all system capabilities out of the box with freedom to change almost any aspect of the system when needed.


Performance is critical.

Providing superior performance of system core is a key for the best possible performance of end product.

Out of the box CleverStyle Framework can render simple web page in just under 2ms. When installing standard Http server module and changing cache to APCu/Memcached you fall under 1ms for generating simple page or API response. All without additional system tweaks.

Convention over configuration

Zero configuration whenever it is possible.

System tries to make all trivial configuration whenever it is possible. This is is essential to make system simple to use, standalone, working out of the box and reaching top performance for free.

Obviously, you always have access to internals if you need to.


System will track everything created in result of components operating (files, database tables, cache items, etc.).

This means that you can install component, use it for some time and remove completely without any overhead. After removal system will be exactly in the same state as before installation.

This results in constant and predictable performance, efficient storage usage (no forgotten files, cache items, configs and stuff like this) and full control over state of the system.


Some components are developed in parallel with core in this repository


  • Blockchain payment (payment method using Bitcoin as cryptocurrency and API of
  • Blogs (simple blogging functionality)
  • Comments (adds comments functionality to other modules)
  • Composer (Composer integration into CleverStyle Framework, allows to specify composer dependencies in meta.json that will be installed automatically)
  • Composer assets (Bower and NPM packages support through Composer)
  • Content (simple content functionality. May be used by other components or stand-alone)
  • Cron (provides GUI for crontab, scheduled tasks)
  • Deferred tasks (Deferred tasks allows other components to create tasks, that can be executed not immediately, but little bit later)
  • Disqus (Integration of Disqus commenting service, adds comments functionality to other modules)
  • Feedback (simple feedback module, sends message to admin's email)
  • Fotorama (integration of Fotorama jQuery gallery into CleverStyle Framework)
  • Http server (Http server based on React, potentially consumes less memory and works much faster that mod-php5 and php-fpm)
  • HybridAuth (integration of HybridAuth library for integration with social networks and other services)
  • Json_ld (simplifies some parts of JSON-LD generation)
  • OAuth2 (provides realization of OAuth 2 authorization protocol (server side))
  • Photo gallery (simple photo gallery module)
  • Polls (provides polls functionality to other modules)
  • Prism (integration of Prism syntax highlighter into CleverStyle Framework)
  • Psr7 (allows initializing system request from Psr7-compatible request and output response to Psr7-compatible response object)
  • Psr15 (allows to process the request as Psr15-compatible middleware without extra manual work)
  • Service Worker cache (uses Service Worker to cache requests to static assets like CSS/JS/HTML/fonts/images to improve subsequent page loads, especially on bad internet connection)
  • Shop (provides simple, but highly extensible and customizable shopping functionality)
  • Static pages (allows to create static pages like About page or pages without interface, for example for site owner verification)
  • Tags (currently contains single trait, is used by other components in order to avoid code duplication)
  • TinyMCE (integration of TinyMCE WYSIWYG Editor for providing simpler content editing)
  • Uploader (provides files uploading functionality to other modules)
  • WebSockets (support for WebSockets connections utilizing React and Ratchet)


  • DarkEnergy (Dark theme used on


  • Unix-like operating system
  • or Windows (not tested regularly, but should also work, do not use in production)
  • Apache2 with modules:
  • REQUIRED: rewrite, headers
  • OPTIONAL: expires
  • or Nginx (config sample)
  • PHP 7.0+ with libraries:
  • REQUIRED: cURL, XML, mbstring
  • OPTIONAL: APCu, Memcached
  • MySQL 5.6+
  • or MariaDB 10.0.5+
  • or PostgreSQL 9.5+
  • or SQLite 3.7.11+

How to try?

It is possible to try latest git version of CleverStyle Framework without even installing it using Docker, just type in terminal:

$ docker run --rm -p 8888:80 nazarpc/cleverstyle-framework

And go to http://localhost:8888, sign in using login admin and password 1111.

--rm means that container will be removed after stopping (you can stop it with Ctrl+C).

If you want to play with live system - attach volume to container:

$ docker run --rm -p 8888:80 -v /some_dir:/web nazarpc/cleverstyle-framework

Now in /some_dir you'll have source code of CleverStyle Framework from container which you can edit as you like and it will reflect on demo.