CleverStyle Music Open Web App. Music player for Firefox OS built using open web technologies.
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CleverStyle Music

HTML5 application based purely on Web technologies.

Application intended to be used in Firefox OS (should also work in Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and Android if Firefox browser installed).

There are some interesting technologies used here:

Main features of CleverStyle Music player:

  • scan and store music library
  • generate playlist in normal or random order
  • repeat one song, playlist or do not repeat anything
  • remember current track in playlist after app restarts (you will not listen the same songs over and over from the beginning)
  • create or extend playlist with tracks of specific artist, album, genre, year or rating
  • extract meta-tags from music files including album cover and show them in app interface (blurred cover is used as application background)
  • sound equalization with graphical equalizer
  • pre-installed equalizer presets
  • environment sound effects (surround) to imitate real physical spaces
  • obviously, play:) files in formats mp3, mp4, flac and alac
  • more features coming soon, feel free to suggest yours

Install from source

  • Download and extract content of this repository somewhere on local drive
  • Mozilla Firefox > Tools > Web Developer > App Manager
  • Add Packaged App
  • Choose directory with downloaded and extracted files
  • Start Simulator (If you do not have Firefox OS Simulator extension installed yet - you have to install it)
  • Press Update in App Manager
  • Click "CleverStyle Music" icon on home screen inside simulator
  • To emulate SD Card you'll need to add fake-sdcard directory to Simulator profile for Firefox OS Simulator 2.1-, for Firefox OS Simulator 2.2+ you'll need to put your files into {firefox_profile}/extensions/ (change 2_2 according to your simulator version)


Feel free to share some ideas for new features, report any issues, fork and contribute!


MIT license, see license.txt