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PickMeUp - Really simple, powerful, customizable and lightweight standalone datepicker

No dependencies, single/range/multiple selections, ability to put custom content into dates, very flexible styling and customization abilities.

Written and maintained by Nazar Mokrynskyi with the help of awesome contributors

Based on DatePicker by Stefan Petre

Browser support:

  • IE 10+
  • 2 latest stable versions of Firefox, Chromium, Opera and Edge

If you find this project useful, consider supporting its development on, this would help me a lot!

Or if you are representing a company, here is Faircode page.


Getting started

You need only 2 files: dist/pickmeup.min.js and css/pickmeup.css.

The plugin can also be loaded as AMD or CommonJS module.

Then you can apply datepicker to any element:


Global default options are stored in pickmeup.defaults

They can be redefined during initialization:

pickmeup('.date', {
	format	: 'Y-m-d'

or with data-attributes with pmu- prefix:

<div class="date" data-pmu-format="Y-m-d"></div>

Twitter Bootstrap integration

For Twitter Bootstrap integration you do not need to include style file, but you need to include jquery.pickmeup.twitter-bootstrap.js instead, that will read settings of current Bootstrap theme and apply them to PickMeUp, so that it will look similar to native Bootstrap elements.

To apply integrated version use $(...).pickmeup_twitter_bootstrap() plugin for initialization:


All options and events are the same.

UIkit integration

For UIkit integration you do not need to include style file, but you need to include jquery.pickmeup.uikit.js instead, that will read settings of current UIkit theme and apply them to PickMeUp, so that it will look similar to native UIkit elements.

To apply integrated version use $(...).pickmeup_uikit() plugin for initialization:


All options and events are the same.

Configuration options

Option Value type Default Description
date array/number/object/string new Date Selected date after initialization. Can be single date string/object or array depending on selection mode
default_date boolean true If false will keep empty value until date selected
current number/object/string date Represents date that will be in the center of rendered calendar, defaults to date option's value
flat boolean false Whatever if the date picker is appended to the element or triggered by an event
first_day 0/1 1 First day of week: 0 - Sunday, 1 - Monday
prev string Previous button content
next string Next button content
mode single/multiple/range single Date selection mode
select_day boolean true Allow or deny days selection
select_month boolean true Allow or deny months selection
select_year boolean true Allow or deny year selection
view days/months/years days View mode after initialization
calendars int 1 Number of calendars, that will be rendered
format string d-m-Y Date format (aAbBCdeHIjklmMpPsSuwyY are supported)
title_format string/function B, Y Date format for calendar title in days view (aAbBCdeHIjklmMpPsSuwyY are supported). If function, must return the full title as a string. The date and locale are provided as parameters.
position top/right/bottom/left/function bottom Date picker's position relative to the triggered element, if function - must return an object with left and top keys and include units
class_name string Class to be added to root datepicker element
hide_on_select boolean false If true - datepicker will be hidden after selection (for range mode allows to select first and last days)
min number/object/string Min date available for selection
max number/object/string Max date available for selection
separator string - Is used for joining separate dates in multiple mode and first/last dates in range mode
locale string en String, that specifies current locale.
locales object see Localization Key-value object, where keys are locales and values contain localized days of week names and months
render function Executed for each day element rendering, takes date argument, allows to select, disable or add class to element
instance_template function (look at source code) Responsible for rendering simple PickMeUp instance with header and days of weeks
instance_content_template function (look at source code) Responsible for rendering instance content container (which contains years, months or days)
Selecting/disabling dates with custom logic

render options might return object with any of following keys:

  • selected: if true - date will be selected
  • disabled: if true - date will be disabled
  • class_name: will be added to class of day element


var now = new Date;
pickmeup(element, {
    render : function (date) {
        if (date < now) {
            return {disabled : true, class_name : 'date-in-past'};
        return {};

Events callbacks

In PickMeUp events are native DOM events fired on element when pickmeup() was called and always have pickmeup- prefix.


Triggered at date change. Example:

element.addEventListener('pickmeup-change', function (e) {
    console.log(e.detail.formatted_date); // New date according to current format
    console.log(;           // New date as Date object

Triggered at showing. Example:

element.addEventListener('pickmeup-show', function (e) {
    e.preventDefault(); // Showing can be canceled if needed

Triggered at hiding. Example:

element.addEventListener('pickmeup-hide', function (e) {
    e.preventDefault(); // Hiding can be canceled if needed

Triggered after filling of PickMeUp container with new markup of days, months, years. May be needed for inner datepicker markup editing.

element.addEventListener('pickmeup-fill', function (e) {
    // Do stuff here


Methods allows external control on datepicker

Get date

formatted - boolean or string (default false)

  • false - Date object
  • true - string formatted in accordance with format option
  • string is used to specify custom format instead if given during initialization
Set date
pickmeup('.date').set_date(new Date);

date - can be single date string/object or array depending on selection mode

Clear multiple selection
Update datepicker
Destroy datepicker

Destroys PickMeUp instance, removes created markup, restores everything that was changed to original state.



You can add locales to global defaults and then use different locales in particular instance with locale option. Sample object for English language (no need to add, already included in source code):

pickmeup.defaults.locales['en'] = {
	days: ['Sunday', 'Monday', 'Tuesday', 'Wednesday', 'Thursday', 'Friday', 'Saturday'],
	daysShort: ['Sun', 'Mon', 'Tue', 'Wed', 'Thu', 'Fri', 'Sat'],
	daysMin: ['Su', 'Mo', 'Tu', 'We', 'Th', 'Fr', 'Sa'],
	months: ['January', 'February', 'March', 'April', 'May', 'June', 'July', 'August', 'September', 'October', 'November', 'December'],
	monthsShort: ['Jan', 'Feb', 'Mar', 'Apr', 'May', 'Jun', 'Jul', 'Aug', 'Sep', 'Oct', 'Nov', 'Dec']


pickmeup.defaults.locales['ru'] = {
	days: ['Воскресенье', 'Понедельник', 'Вторник', 'Среда', 'Четверг', 'Пятница', 'Суббота'],
	daysShort: ['Вс', 'Пн', 'Вт', 'Ср', 'Чт', 'Пт', 'Сб'],
	daysMin: ['Вс', 'Пн', 'Вт', 'Ср', 'Чт', 'Пт', 'Сб'],
	months: ['Январь', 'Февраль', 'Март', 'Апрель', 'Май', 'Июнь', 'Июль', 'Август', 'Сентябрь', 'Октябрь', 'Ноябрь', 'Декабрь'],
	monthsShort: ['Янв', 'Фев', 'Мар', 'Апр', 'Май', 'Июн', 'Июл', 'Авг', 'Сен', 'Окт', 'Ноя', 'Дек']


Current options (for whatever reason) can be accessed as element.__pickmeup.options.

Root pickmeup element can be accessed as element.__pickmeup.element.


If you want other colors - just change several variables in scss file.

To change size - adjust font-size for root datepicker element, everything will scale nicely.


Feel free to create issues and send pull requests, they are highly appreciated!

Before reporting an issue, be so kind to prepare reproducible example on, please.

You can start with working demo of latest stable version of PickMeUp:


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