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A Hosting platform which specialises in serving, converting and gating images, video and audio
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MediaCMS is a media publishing website, enabling media owners to sell images, photos, videos and audio files.

This is a fairly large Ruby on Rails application which includes the following features:

  • Background worker to convert uploaded images/ videos and audio files into correct formats. This includes: generating preview tiles and watermarking
  • Color based navigation: Uploaded images pass through a color histogram algorithm that indexes it by ita mostly used colors. This suggests other images that match the currently viewed image
  • E-Commerce facilities that allow site members to sell uploaded images/videos/audios and the site operator to charge a set commissions. Current merchant processors include Paypal and WorldPay
  • Extensive commenting against each media file with spam filtering
  • Club facility to allow club members to create public/private clubs that can also host their own public/private forums
  • Geotagging
  • Skinable


Please feel free to hack away on MediaCMS; I hope that the Interwebs forks this into something interesting :)


This codebase has not been updated since early 2010.

MediaCMS is released under the MIT license. Please fork and customise to your requirements.

Contact me via GitHub if you require assistance in deploying a MediaCMS fork to your server or if you require any specific modifications.

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