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UNOFFICIAL OE-core layer for IGEP boards
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This layer depends on:

URI: git://
branch: master
revision: HEAD

Layer maintainer: Enrico Butera <>

* Minimalistic HOW-TO

This is how an example of angstrom session can look like:

1. Get angstrom/OE:
   # mkdir angstrom
   # cd angstrom
   # git clone git://

2. Let's make sure that OE is up to date:
   # ./ udpate

3. Export your machine name, so scripts know what you want to build:
   # export MACHINE=igep0020

4. We are almost there. Almost. This is what would happen if you would try building console-image at this point:
   # ./ bitbake console-image
   # Please set a valid MACHINE in your local.conf or environment

5. Apparently we are missing something... It turns out that OE build environment does not know our machine.
   In OE meta-layers are archives used to describe various stuff, e.g. board support packages.
   Let's get meta layer that describes our machine

   # cd sources
   # git clone git://
   # cd ..
   # vim conf/bblayers.conf
      Add this line:
          ${TOPDIR}/sources/meta-igep \
      somewhere to the list of BSPs

6. Let's make sure that oe is up to date (again):
   # ./ udpate

7. Let's try to build console-image:
   # ./ bitbake console-image

* U-Boot args

At the u-boot prompt of a stock IGEPv2 board:

setenv bootargs-base 'mem=99M@0x80000000 mem=384M@0x88000000 console=ttyO2,115200n8 console=tty0 omapfb.mode=dvi:1280x720MR-16@60 mpurate=auto'

IGEPv2 + expansion board rev.B:

setenv bootargs-base 'mem=99M@0x80000000 mem=384M@0x88000000 console=ttyO2,115200n8 buddy=igep0022 buddy.modem=yes buddy.revision=B nohlt'

Note: the "nohlt" parameter is needed when capturing video because of a bug that is still not fixed.

* Tested on...

IGEPv2-OMAP3530: boot tested a console-image, cpufreq working (cpu scaling from 125MHz to 720MHz)
IGEPv2-DM3730: boot tested a console-image, cpufreq working (cpu scaling from 300MHz to 1GHz)

IGEPv2-OMAP3530 + expansion board rev.B: tested video capture with PAL source.

* Note on DM3730

Depending on silicon it is possible that it will not work reliably with high loads or dsp/sgx usage
because of some missing smartreflex bits. Use kernel parameter "mpurate=800" as a temporary workaround.
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