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Flow starter app with React
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Flow starter app with React ⚛️

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Minimal repo to kickstart a Javascript app with Flow, hot reloading, linting and server-side rendering.

This is a universal react project, providing server-side rendering and Flow syntax.

Feel free to post any issues, questions or suggestions. PRs are more than welcome 👍.

Getting Started

Clone the repo

Install dependencies.

yarn install

Start the dev server

yarn start


HTML template is located at /template.html, the main app JS file is app/index.jsx.

ESLint has been preconfigured with the Airbnb styleguide.

Build artefacts will end up in the /dist folder.


You'll find an example spec under the ___tests___ directory.

Start the watcher.

yarn run test:watch

Or do a single run

yarn run test


Run the build command and take a look at /dist

yarn run build

A postbuild step runs react-snap which will create a static site within the dist folder. If you would like to verify the static site locally, you can do so by running the following

yarn run start:dist


new-flow-app is open source software licensed as MIT.

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