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Early exploration into Java Project Loom
Kotlin Java
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How to import this project into IDEA

  1. Import project from existing sources
  2. Make sure to select "Import Project From External Model" and select "Maven"
    • This will create all the necessary .iml files for IDEA modules

Running this project

Normal JDK version

  • Server
    1. Open EchoServer.kt, and then click on "Run"
  • Client
    • Either:
      • Run curl localhost:10000 to open one socket connection to the server
      • Open EchoClient.kt, and then click on "Run" to launch a lot of threads

Project Loom JDK version

  • Server
    1. In a terminal, make sure to use the Loom JVM to compile and run src/
  • Client
    • Open EchoClient.kt, and then click on "Run" to launch a lot of threads

Runtime performance stats

Normal JVM version

Here are some performance numbers for this simple project on hardware (w/out using Loom JVM and using BIO (Java blocking IO). With a new Apple 16" MacBook Pro laptop w/ 64GB RAM and 8 core 5GHz Intel CPU:

  1. With about 10_000 client threads, the entire program can run in about 17 sec, and the server may wait a few ms at most to accept a connection.
  2. 100_000 client threads connecting to a simple socket server, the JVM experiences some serious performance issues, w/ threads causing the socket server to wait around for a very long time to be able to accept a new socket connection, max of about 22 sec 😱, and not a few ms! The average time to accept a socket connection increased to about 3 ms. And the entire program takes about 5 minutes to run 😨. The server process only consumed about 4.9 % of CPU. BTW, "Grep Console" is a great plugin to monitor output from the client and server println statements.

Project Loom JVM version

With a similar machine above, the Project Loom JVM version of the Server using Fibers get the following stats.

  1. With 100_000 clients, the total time it took for the program to complete is 3.9 min (22% less than the BIO JVM version). On the server, the average time to accept a socket dropped to 2.3 ms (23% less). The max time wait time to accept a socket increased to 19 sec (15% less). The server process only consumed about 2.5 % of CPU.


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