Networking package including http, ftp, smtp for D programming lanaguage
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command.make is a library made for simple usage of common network protocols in D programming language.

Main Goals

  • Easy to Use

    To make API clean and intuitive.

  • Extendable

    Package should be easy to extend with new functionality.

  • Portable

    Package should work on all major platforms.



Here's list of protocols that are being implemented:

  • In dev Http

    HTTP is used to recieve web pages and files on the internet. It's Server-Client based.

  • In dev Ftp

    FTP is used to send and recieve files over internet. It's Server-Client based.

  • In dev Irc

    IRC is used to communicate though internet. It's Server-Client based.

Helper classes

  • Unstable/Beta Uri

    Uri is used to define host, port and other connection details



If you are interested in contributing to project:

  1. Fork the project
  2. Create new branch like newfeaturename
  3. Request pull
  4. Mention the pull request (optional)

If you want to join the team, just write to robik or nazriel by mail, github or on #d on