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Backend Python and front end UI for controlling an LED from your browser
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Raspberry Pi - Control an LED from a browser

This project contains the tutorial files for


  1. Front end - index.html, script.js, and style.css make up a very simple frontend UI for our app
  2. led - this directory contains the Flask app that will act as our back end app


Everything in this tutorial is the end product of what we've learned so far about the Raspberry Pi and some things we learned with JavaScript and jQuery. If you get stuck anywhere, take a look at these tutorials:

  1. Headless Raspberry Pi
  2. Using the RPi.GPIO library to turn on an LED
  3. Run Apache on your Pi
  4. Running a Flask App on your Pi
  5. Run Flask behind Apache
  6. Simple AJAX with jQuery/JavaScript


Follow the tutorial here to learn how to run a Flask app behind Apache:

Since we are running RPi.GPIO from a virtual environment, we need to take one extra step after activating venv and install the package:

pip3 install RPi.GPIO

We need to do this because our virtual environment can't access the globally installed RPi.GPIO package


The script.js has jQuery that calls the Flask app using simple AJAX calls. They assume that the path for the flask app is /led - if you use another path, change this in the JavaScript to avoid getting 404s on your AJAX calls.

Place the utils/apache-led.conf configuration file in the appropriate Apache/sites-available directory and enable it with with:

sudo a2ensite apache-led.conf

The led.wsgi file should be placed in the same directory as which contains your Flask controllers. If you rename the flask controller, you have edit the wsgi file to reflect the changes.

If everything is set up correctly, the AJAX call will happen with the following url: http://{{ip_addr}}/led?status=on

Only a status of on or off are accepted. Anything else will return a simple error message. Open up the JavaScript console for more info.

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